Cats, companions of Halloween

cats. They are the favorite animals on the internet and their videos are among the most sought after, despite the fact that dogs are still the favorite pet outside the network. However, as more is discovered about these cats, their popularity continues to grow.

Now on Halloween there are many who remember all the mysticism and spiritual beliefs that surround cats, and they are one of the favorite animals on these dates. Although the protectors and shelters warn that, at this time, the kittens gain both visibility and danger.

Surrounded by myths and fables, cats have always been associated with spirituality and energy. Some even say that these animals have a sixth sense and are capable of seeing beyond the human eye, in other planes or dimensions.

This is not surprising considering all the cultures and religions, both ancient and still current, that attribute some role to these felines. The case that most easily comes to mind, but not the only one, is that of the Egyptians.

And it is that in Ancient Egypt these animals were venerated, which freed humans from plagues, thus protecting cities and crops. And there were even deities like the goddess Bastet, who was represented with the head of a cat.

It was also believed that the kittens were closely related to the god Ra. And so, cats were a protected species and attacking them could be punished with death. Also, when one of them died, he was embalmed as part of the funeral rites.

In other mythologies, such as the Norse, they were related to the Goddess Freya as a gift from Thor, and that is why they followed her chariot with the Valkyries. In the Celtic culture they believed in the Cait Sidhe or “fairy cats”. And in the mythology of India they were sacred animals, only below the cows.

In old China, cats also gained the enthusiasm of the citizens by protecting the crops, which is why the existence of the deity Li-Shou is due to them. And there was also a legend in the time of Confucius in which the gods were considered to have commissioned cats to supervise creation.

In the Japanese culture, in turn, it was believed in the existence of the Bakenekos, spiritual felines or ghosts that could take on human form and camouflage themselves among us. In addition, for the Japanese, cats were synonymous with good luck and fortune.

From religion to modernity

Have you ever seen those figurines, usually gold, of a seated cat swinging one of its raised paws? They are usually placed near doors to attract good fortune.

Well, although they are typical of Chinese bazaars with the name of “Chinese Lucky Cats” or “Zhaocai Mao”, it is also discussed whether their origin could be in Japan and in the Maneki-neko, white cats that are usually placed in the site entries.

In the stories of current religions cats have also had a strong role. In Buddhism they are believed to be able to communicate with the spiritual plane, and it is said that the Buddha himself cut the fabric of his robe so as not to disturb a cat that had fallen asleep on him while he was meditating.

A similar story is told about Muhammad, the main prophet of Islam, because a kitten fell asleep on the sleeve of his clothing and he preferred to cut the cloth so as not to wake her up when he got up to say his prayers.

In addition, in the Muslim religion, cats are considered very clean animals, welcome inside homes and mosques. And another of the legends says that a tabby cat saved Muhammad’s life by driving away a snake that stalked the prophet while he was praying and that in gratitude he caressed his fur, giving rise to the characteristic “M” that these cats have on their forehead. .

In the apocryphal gospels of Christianity, the pattern in the form of that letter in tabby cats is attributed to the Virgin Mary, who caressed the forehead of a kitten after it comforted the baby Jesus when he cried in the manger, calming his crying. It is known as the Christmas cat.

Unfortunately, in later times, the close relationship between cats and women accused of witchcraft, and their association as pagan animals; led to a large part of these animals being exterminated. It is believed that the decrease in the number of cats increased rodent infestations and facilitated the spread of diseases such as plague.

Companions in halloween and all life

And it is that in the collective imagination there is already a link between cats and witches. It is easy to imagine any modern witch next to her tarot cards or her brews, and with a pussycat near her.

For this reason, on Halloween the interest in cats grows, and many are encouraged to give one of them a home. Although all that glitters is not gold: a multitude of animal protectors warn that there are also those that in these times adopt cats, especially black or white, to torture them or sacrifice them in rites of alleged black magic.

“You have to be very careful with whom you give a cat for adoption, whether on Halloween or at any other time, and make sure that the animal will be well cared for… But it is true that associations, protectors and rescuers see how the interest in adopting cats of these two colors right on these dates,” they tell Efe from the small protector Catrrusel

Along the same lines, Gatitud (a protector with a cat shelter): “the issue is not ‘not giving black or white cats on these dates’, it is giving them with care”.

And how do you take care? “Demanding requirements that a person who would like a cat just to kill it is not going to bother to comply with, such as protections on windows and balconies, the adoption questionnaire or the adoption rate,” among others explained by Gatitud.

From the Animal Protection Association “Help Animals 2” it is clear that “they are lives, not toys”.

So now you know, if you want the company of a cat on Halloween, remember that afterward it will be with you all your life. And, who knows, given the beliefs, maybe it will accompany them much further.


Cats, companions of Halloween