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Wednesday, August 24, 2022


Catechesis as an encounter experience

An encounter that communicates the good news of Jesus through which we experience the joy of salvation. This is the synthesis of what was lived by the catechists and pastoral agents of the diocese of Nueve de Julio, in the town of Roberts (Lincoln party), during their annual meeting and whose theme this time revolved around communication in catechesis .

The meeting brought together catechists, pastoral agents, seminarians, deacons and priests and was organized by the Diocesan Board of Catechesis, whose director is Father Ariel Palanga, and also the parish priest of the host community, which was also celebrating its patron saint.

The day began with greetings and words of welcome along with an opening prayer. Then there was the proclamation of the Gospel of Saint John in the passage of the meeting of Jesus with the Samaritan woman at the well and a representation through a dance.

The Bishop commented on that passage of the Word and recalled that such an encounter “occurs – today too – in the daily life, between the lights and the shadows of life. This meeting is a figure of the catechetical task”. And he added that precisely “there the woman experienced the joy of salvation and she did not keep that experience to herself, but she went to tell about it and the others also experienced it as good news.

On the other hand, he related catechesis and liturgy, in the perspective of the recent apostolic letter “Desiderio desideravi” of Pope Francis, and invited catechists and pastoral agents “to integrate these two dimensions of Christian life and catechetical work with the whole of the Christian life in love and joy, together with all the evangelizing task”.

Halfway through the meeting, a team of specialists belonging to the focolare movement carried out a workshop dedicated to communication applied to catechesis, particularly for children. After an introductory dynamic, to delve into the communicative fact itself, a sharing took place. Next, the speakers shed light on the reported experiences with notions and topics to be put into practice in the meetings and the entire catechetical task.

In the afternoon, the procession with the image of the Patron was carried out to the atrium of the parish church where Monsignor Ariel Torrado Mosconi presided over the Holy Mass that was concelebrated by the local parish priest and by several other priests and in which numerous faithful participated.

In the homily, the diocesan Pastor, commenting on the Sunday XXI readings, and referring both to the local community and to stories that participated in the catechetical meeting, taking the figure of the “narrow door” affirmed that it is a symbol of Christian life, to convert and adapt our life to go through it, we leave conformed to the measure and image of Christ. And that this door also opens us to the horizon of eternal life and joy that has no end.

At the end, he thanked the community for their participation and collaboration in this diocesan event, which meant quite an event for the parish community, the members of the diocesan Board and all the participants.

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