Branko weekly horoscope from 21 to 28 November 2022: have you read today’s detailed forecasts


Today offers you a great opportunity to communicate with maturity and firmness. There is great wisdom in being exactly who you are, and your example can be helpful to many. Consideration of the limits that must be established in group and friendship relationships, but in a harmonious way. Make your point of view clear and objective. Your emotions lead you to expansively seek out spiritual, emotional, and subjective contexts. Seek meaning from a good therapeutic process or through experiencing spiritual, transcendental or meditative experiences. Your sense of charity and universal love is generously amplified.


Today brings you great wisdom from your psyche, subconscious and/or spirituality. This wisdom makes it easier for you to direct material matters. Especially in career and authority, seek meditation and receptivity to understand the best paths to follow. Honesty in the professional field with balance. Your emotions lead you to welcome more the community, those who suffer, groups, friendships and anyone else your sensitivity asks. Fighting for causes and correcting injustices can raise awareness and mobilize your strength, input and help. Love the collective, but don’t mix, know well what is yours and what doesn’t belong to you.


Today gives you honesty in communicating with friends, groups or virtually. You will be very true to your principles and worldviews. Try to communicate with consideration, balance and fairness, but without losing sight of who you are. Seriousness of principles; be firm in your ethical axis and communicate what you perceive as useful and profitable. Your emotions tend to be expressed more openly and possibly in public, so use your emotional maturity. Your sensitivity gains strength and your authority will have emotional strength. Your role as a mother or father will be meaningful and giving to you. Your connection to work will also be intense, but be careful not to take for granted what is not yours.


Today brings you the connection with the wisdom of being who you are, especially in terms of projection in the world, career, authority, motherhood or fatherhood. You are connected to your sense of emotional authority and this facilitates communication in the outside world. Also, a more serious look at emotional issues makes it easier for you to choose paths in the world. The Moon, its ruler, receives the generous and abundant rays of the giant Jupiter. Your faith will be greatly expanded now. Take this moment to see the many possibilities in your life. You will be much more outgoing, adventurous and instinctive. The bounty of your worldview must be shared.


Today offers you the chance to mature in relationships, partnerships and love. You will be able to ventilate future possibilities and set fair boundaries with consideration and wisdom. Try to understand its principles and openly dialogue with each other, even in the face of rigidity or stubbornness. Flexibility with wisdom to dialogue.Your generosity in return increases markedly today. It will be more welcoming and loving in sharing. Sexual energy also becomes intense, instinctive and generous. Use your emotional wisdom to welcome, help others and yourself. Releasing old emotional patterns with ease, as long as you give in.


Today brings you great wisdom and understanding of deeper emotional realities. This allows you to see stiffness or harshness in performing tasks, routines, work, or health. Try to understand your instinctive wisdom to make the necessary changes, leaving rigid methods and ideas. Emotional issues involving partnerships and relationships with others will be intense. Try to welcome the other person generously, helping him in the growth and emotional liberation of the other and of yourself. Be more open to an honest emotional exchange. Your reflection on emotional issues can be very effective right now.


Today brings you the ability to communicate with others wisely, but based on the authority to be who you are and based on your own personal power and limitations. You will be thoughtful and tactful, but you will also know how to set boundaries and be true to yourself first. Openness to dialogue will be fundamental and this consideration will help.Your connection with the material world becomes intense. You will seek many ways to work, serve, and care for the material plane. Remember to do all of this with love, delivery and devotion. It can serve in many ways, but beware of excesses. In terms of health, one must beware of dietary excesses and indulgences.


Today it makes it easier for you to organize yourself both materially and emotionally. Commitment to your emotions and personal dreams leads you to action, work and assertiveness in the material field. Bringing innovations of techniques and methods on a personal level will be beneficial. Critical and cold understanding even of difficult emotions and family problems. Your emotions will be much more expressive than usual. This can be good or bad, depending on how you channel this energy. Try to make the best use of this placement, expressing yourself with generosity, acceptance and sensitivity, increasing creative output. Intense romances. Beware, however, of egoic excesses.


Today brings you a wise connection to your essence and the ability to verbalize it with maturity. Express who you are with wisdom, maturity and without reactivity. Different expression of yourself, but also mature and concrete. Even in the face of people’s stiffness, you will have joviality and the ability to laugh and adapt when needed.Jupiter, its ruler, meets the Moon in its natural sector. Today your energy will be much more aligned with the Cancer vibration: welcoming, introspection, family, nostalgia. Seek out your most nurturing side and give yourself time to process your emotions. Your generosity and acceptance must now be expressed.


Today awaken your personal dreams with wisdom, facilitating material deeds. Mobilize your emotional forces to innovate and realize your material gains. Material and family problems are worked out and eased. Be the diligent person you are, but combine that with intelligence and sensitivity in your feelings. Today brings you great sensitivity in the mental field. You will see the world around you in a more subjective, spiritual and intuitive way. Open yourself to the strong insights and intuitions that may come to your mind. Use your communication skills to welcome and encourage people from a more spiritual and transcendent tone.


Today offers you the ability to verbalize your authority with wisdom, assertiveness, and justice. Be aware of your limitations and experience, using these qualities to communicate what is needed and make the right choices. Boundaries in relationships around you with mature communication. Flexibly rethinking one’s rigidity will also be beneficial.Today brings you the need to experience the material pleasures of life. Treat yourself to some relaxation and connect with what gives you pleasure and satisfaction. Your ability to earn money and resources also increases. Beware, however, of impulsive financial excesses. It’s time to welcome yourself.


Today offers you the ability to manage, communicate, and change values ​​and finances based on a commitment to your subconscious, emotional, and/or spiritual issues. Be aware of the need to reconcile with yourself and your emotions, as this will facilitate positive changes in the material and financial fields. The conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon in your sign (solar or nascent) brings you great generosity and sensitivity. Try to welcome and love with optimism and intensity. You will also seek more freedom and emotional optimism. Your most charitable vibe requires placement. Try to have a more spiritual look at your personal, material and human life.

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