Between flowers and votive aedicules: the Floràlia project illuminates Recontemporary

The young artists Fortune DeNardo And Lorenzo Peluffo are the protagonists of the new personal exhibition da Recontemporarycurated by the Ghёddo association.

An immersive exhibition that was born in the context of Brand new+the first edition of the announcement TO.BE dedicated to the professional growth of emerging artists, coming from a training course at the Accademia Albertina in Turin and is part of a wider program of exhibitions that provides for the collaboration between artists and contemporary art spaces in the Turin area.

The evocative title of the exhibition is “Floràlia” which draws inspiration from the ‘floral games’ celebrated in ancient Rome in honor of the goddess Flora. It is a site-specific work composed of sounds and LED lights in captivating shades of blue and pink. Born from the partnership with the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Turin, it is a single multimedia installation, conceived as a corollary of an aesthetic and ethnographic investigation on the theme of the votive shrine carried out by the two young artists over the last year and a half.

“Our collaboration was born after we met at the Academy – they say – attending the same course of study, New Technologies of Art. Over the last year we have worked on installations, many of these on site specific works, which had the focus is on the votive aedicules. A work that has evolved and culminated in this space but research”.

A project that began by photographing iconographic images of the votive shrines in the Campania region. A theme related to spirituality but not only. “The votive aedicules interested us first of all in relation to the materials we use, which are light and sound. We then associated them with flowers, as a concrete element in the setting”.

“Especially newsstands lend themselves well to working with light. We were intrigued on an iconographic level, especially those in the south often have a very different conformation from those here, with contents that often go beyond religion”.

An intimate place that is not only faith, but also personal spirituality.

“For this we have created a more abstract icon, given by light and flashes of color. We have presented five screens that project a vibrant blue light, five screens that in fact do not necessarily represent something concrete”.

The collaboration between the two was made concrete by the association Ghёddo which deals precisely with the promotion of young artists by networking with local galleries. “Fortuna De Nardo and Lorenzo Peluffo – explain from the association – immediately stood out for their seriousness and commitment. Their work struck us from the first moment. Despite the young collaboration (they have been working together since 2021) their research is decidedly mature It is a blend of aesthetics, erudition and poetic intensity that also struck the Recontemporary team (composed of Iole Pellion di Persano, Giulia Turcati, Camilla Ferrero, Costanza Hardouin, Silvia Pennetta) who knew how to grasp the proposal and make the most of it We think that their project follows the expectations of the artists and this, for us, is the most important objective. Thanks to the precious discussion with the Recontemporary team, we were able to create an exhibition that is coherent with their research. The space lends itself very well : the stained glass windows play an important role, allowing passers-by to get a glimpse of the exhibition from the outside.The public will find themselves in front of a multi-sensory and immersive installation ersive. Capable of uniting the natural and digital elements with a single gesture”.

A collaboration that will continue in the future. “We would like to find spaces that are suitable for the project. Compared to other works, this is another format and has an environmental dimension, we would like to carry it forward beyond the theme of spirituality and newsstands, based on the space it will occupy “.

The exhibition will be open to visitors until February 4th.

Between flowers and votive aedicules: the Floràlia project illuminates Recontemporary