Barberino and Tavarnelle. Joanna Mallin

It is a tribute to the world of art and its different conceptual and material forms and expressions. It is also a tribute to the culture of Made in Italy, to the knowledge and excellence of that heritage, rooted and prestigious even in the Chianti hills, which produces and exports handcrafted masterpieces all over the globe. The solo show of Joanna Mallin-Davies, a Welsh sculptress, residing in San Donato in Poggio for fourteen years, continues to give a feminine and international sign to the contemporary art path opened by the cultural season of Palazzo Malaspina. After the success of the American Joyce Brian with “The breath of Nature”, the historic building that stands out in the center of the village of San Donato in Poggio will host an exhibition event from tomorrow, Saturday 10 September at 5.30 pm, until 30 October. dedicated to sculpture and the professional career of the English artist, represented by about thirty works on display, including bronzes and bas-reliefs. Female and male figures and horses in bronze are some of the subjects, dear to the artist, who will populate the halls of the Renaissance palace, giving life to the “Homage” event, the vernissage of which will be held tomorrow in the presence of the mayor and the councilor for Culture .

Joanna Mallin-Davies’ fundamentally classical work is influenced by ancient Chinese and Japanese art. The sculptress is essentially concerned with inner experience, emotions, spirituality. Her simple, sensual curves and lightness, essence of the female form and presence. Whether in a state of ecstasy or serenity, the women she creates have an innate bliss and an inner smile, they enjoy themselves and their surroundings with pleasure. The shapes of the sculptures bring feelings of strength and simplicity. Smooth, simple curved lines, accentuated by the punctuation of slight details of expression in the face and hands. Feeling of peace and balance resonate in all of them. In the history of humanity no subject has had such a strong symbolic meaning as the horse, while no subject has been reproduced as frequently as the nude. Her horses are loaded with strength and reflect the integrity of the prehistoric rock paintings of Lascaux and later civilizations. Horses and figures, male, female, real or mythological, are perfect vehicles to communicate the relationship with the world and with ourselves; femininity, sensuality and inner strength. These ideas continue to fascinate her, they give her ever growing and changing insights. She avoids heavy titles, leaving free interpretation.

Joanna Mallin-Davies was born in the Rhondda Valleys coal mine valleys of South Wales in the United Kingdom. She studied at the College of Art in Cardiff and began working in the art world soon after graduation, exhibiting her work all over the world. You have lived for several years in Hong Kong, London, Paris and Denmark. In 2008 she came to Italy to cast one of her works in a Florentine foundry. This sculpture will win the best bronze award at the Sculpture Walk Exhibition in South Dakota, United States. She falls in love with Tuscany by moving to San Donato in Poggio. After more than 20 years of sculpture, she feels she has returned to the “source”, here in her Tuscany, immersed in the land of the Renaissance Masters.

Barberino and Tavarnelle. Joanna Mallin-Davies, the Welsh sculptor in love with Chianti, exhibits at Palazzo Malaspina