Bali, island of the gods

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Before flying to Bali, it would be best to plan your trip by considering some important factors. It is good to take a step back and understand why Bali is the Indonesian island which, more than all, has entered the collective imagination. Bali, also called Island of the Gods, it is located in Indonesia. It is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands and takes place between Java and Lombok. The seas that bathe it are: to the south, the Indian Ocean while the Bali Sea to the north. The island extends for about 5000 km² and is inhabited by about 4.5 million people. Administratively speaking, it is an autonomous province which, in turn, is subdivided into regencies that could be considered as the Italian regions.

Before deciding to fly to Bali, you need to know that it can be reached in about fourteen hours by plane. Flights depart from major Italian cities, and the companies that fly to Denpasar airport – even if it is located in Kuta – belong to the main airlines. Of course, if you were already in Asia, everything would be easier in terms of logistics. Once on the island, you should know that there is no railway network and public transport only covers a part of the island’s surface. It’s easy to see why travelers have to rely on private taxis and local bemos very often. If you can, it would be even better to be able to rely on a private driver in order to explore Bali far and wide without worries.

When is the best time to go to Bali?

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      Another factor that should not be underestimated is the climate. On the island, temperatures are always constant as the climate is tropical. In general, there are two seasons: from November to March there is the so-called rainy season; from April to October, however, there will be a dry season. In both cases, the temperatures are between 22 and 31 degrees.

      It is not difficult to understand that the answer to the above question will be from June to September as the chances of rain are lower and the heat is less sultry. However, the months of October, November, April and May are not to be completely excluded as the scattered rains occur mainly at night.

      How much do you spend on a holiday in Bali

      If this is your first trip to Indonesia, starting in Bali is a good idea. This is because, on the island, there are many varied hotels that can offer the services you want, at various budgets.

      Young people looking for fun and trendy clubs can only go to Kuta or Canggu; people who are looking for spirituality can start from Ubud; those in search of luxury can go to Nasa Dua. Families too can find their size if they travel to Sanur. Just outside the towns, the attentive visitor may come across rice fields, ancient temples of the past and waterfalls. It is not excluded that, during your stay on the island you may come across a river of people engaged in a religious ceremony, strictly wearing traditional clothes.

    Bali, island of the gods