Bali: 7 must

Bali wraps you and holds you tight, welcomes you and stays inside you forever. Following are the most beautiful experiences to live in the most spiritual Indonesian island …

There are places destined to accompany you for the rest of your life. If what you are looking for is a place to satisfy the spirit, you just have to book your trip to Bali. We tell you i places and the most beautiful attractions of this extraordinary Indonesian island.

Bali: a place to satisfy the soul

In Bali you leave the spirit. The Indonesian island is one of those places that enter you, leaving forever in the heart of those who experience it a deep nostalgia that will continue to call for the rest of their lives. It will be for the sounds of the rainforestthe emblematic ones places of worship or for i frangipani that rest on your head walking through the streets of Ubud. The reasons to love Bali are so many, and if you are looking for a place where heal the soul and the spiritthis precious island is the right place to satisfy the senses.

Batik craft workshop

batik bali

One of the stops that you absolutely cannot miss in suggestive Bali is a short tour in the Batik workshops. This kind of fabric is in fact decorated with a very ancient handmade technique and today it is one of the main handicraft products of Indonesia. Batik is a real one Bali tradition and this is how i sarong which serve to respectfully enter Balinese temples. For the creation of the batik a very light fabric is used, usually with cotton filaments and after the preparation of the design we proceed with the spreading of the melted wax on the parts that must not be colored. The wax penetrating into the fabric, waterproofs the fabric preventing the color from adhering. Paintings depicting scenes of daily life, of work in the rice fields are the favorite subjects of tourists and I assure you that you will be spoiled for choice.

Legong dance

There Legong Dance is a traditional Asian dance, typical of the island of Bali. This type of dance, in 2015 was also recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and it is one of the kinds of sacred dance found in Bali. Sacred as it is reserved for religious cult of the gods, and that before becoming a tourist attraction was performed only during ceremonies in the temples. Obviously the version for tourists is the censored one and yours original form can only be admired if you manage to take part in one of the sacred rites. The Legong Dance is performed by men and women in traditional colorful clothes that mix with the preciousness of the shades of gold. Learning this dance begins when the boys are very young, given the extreme difficulty in managing different parts of the body. The positions of the arms, feet, hands, wrists and fingers all have a meaning that refers to specific moments of existence. What is most striking about this dance is the movement of the eyes, which is also anything but casual.

Bali, the island of gold and silver


Don’t forget to visit the huge one showroom of gold and silver artifacts of the large laboratory of UC Silver Gold a few km from Ubud. The Balinese are known to the world for their great skills in gold and silver working and therefore, you will not be surprised to find many factories and outlets full of jewels and items made with these precious materials. In the UC Silver Gold factory, you can first take a tour where they will show you the master jewelers at work in the creation of jewels and then, without spending a lot of money, you can also take away a small souvenir from the big shop. Obviously the more worked and large the jewels, the higher the cost, but we are sure that a small souvenir you will really be able to take it away.

The Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali


A walk in the Monkey Forest you absolutely cannot miss it! In this sacred rainforest you will find more than 900 specimens of Balinese monkeys that you can admire up close. It is extraordinary to stop and observe these specimens in their funniest behaviors. In these 12.5 hectares of nature reserve you will find some magnificent ones Hindu times as the Pure Dalem dedicated to the cult of Shiva, the Pura Prajapati made in honor of Brahma Prajapati and the Pura Beji dedicated to the goddess Gangga. Bridges intertwined with giant and enormous roots Komodo dragons in stone make the wonderful jungle even more suggestive and mysterious.

Tasting in the forest of Bali


It is in the magnificence of the rainforest that the senses adapt to the heart rates of the heart. In Bali they can be sipped herbal teas and coffee made with products that come directly from agriculture in the forest. Widespread especially in Ubud, they are gods small refreshments immersed in the jungle where it is possible to taste and buy several freshly prepared drinks.

The swing on the rice fields of Balibali

The Bali’s terraced rice fields are the most beautiful landscapes you will ever see in your life. Walking through the rice fields is an emotion that fills the heart and spirit. Rice fields undoubtedly have an exotic charm capable of conquering anyone who sees them, because this is where Indonesia speaks for itself, without anyone telling it. Spirituality and laughter, this is the preciousness of Bali. For the Balinese, rice is not only the main food but it has a real one religious value since it is offered daily to the deities to ensure their protection. For this you will also happen to hear the sweet sound of the traditional Balinese instrument made of bamboothe rindik, while you walk in the solemn silence of these places made of water and spirituality. Some rice fields also offer tourists the opportunity to swing sheer above the magnificent rice fields. It is about a giant swing which will allow you to soar your thoughts in one of the most sacred places in the world.

Sacred temples of Bali: the Pura Tanah Lot

bali temple

There is certainly no shortage of temples in Bali. This being a extremely religious people and devoted to their divinities, he pays homage to the gods with care by satisfying them constantly. Walking through the streets of this enchanted place you will find offers aimed at spirits outside every shop, home and business. It is about small baskets made of bamboo that contain frangipani flowers, rice, cookies and other small gifts. But it is in the temples that the spiritual life of the Balinese finds its maximum expressionAnd. There are some sacred places of worship that really leave you in suspense, and one of them is located on the west coast of Bali: the Pure Tanah Lot. The most photographed temple in Bali, dedicated to divinity of the sea it stands on a cliff that falls steeply into the ocean. Under the promontory there is an unusual source of fresh water which is considered sacred and purifying because it is surrounded by the salty waters of the sea.

Bali: 7 must-see places and attractions on the beautiful Indonesian island