Aura nails are going to replace your 90s moon ring

This year has been full of trends, and this includes nails too; We are going to tell you about the new manicure trend that you have to try if you love two things: nail designs and energy, we present you the aura nails.

Something magical that trends have, whether in fashion, makeup, nails or any other category, is that you can adapt them to yourself (not just talking about your look), but you can take advantage of this to connect with yourself and express yourself

What are aura nails?

As its name indicates, aura nails are a style in your nails that incorporate the colors of your aura, your own essence, of your energy and you can turn them into a super unique design (besides that you can combine your favorite shades or with whom you most identify). It is one of the biggest manicure trends for this fall 2022 that we are already starting to see in many places.

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First things first, what is the aura?

To give you a quick context, an aura is a metaphysical belief where there is believed to be a colored energy field that surrounds people; the belief can vary depending on each type of culture, but currently we could also say that spirituality, astrology and many more branches that are based on these metaphysical beliefs are a super trend.

It is said that to find the color of an aura you can be with someone who knows how to read them or have your picture taken with a camera capable of measuring and interpreting body frequencies. But don’t worry, if you want to skip those steps, you can still enjoy this trend, there are more ways to do it.

aura nails cardi b
This trend is one of Cardi B’s favorites. @iamcardib

Some experts claim that auras of different colors are associated with different characteristics and inclinations that can be expressed through the color of nail polish. For example, it is said that blue colors are linked to intuition, it can depend on your mood and also your choice of color for this trend can be purely aesthetic.

You can add your personal, special, fun and creative touch; experts say that color is a great way to experiment with your mood and energy (OMG, this reminds us of those rings that changed colors depending on your mood).

How to get the aura nails?

To start, select your range of colors, the shape and length of the nail you want to wear. To achieve the most popular style of this trend, an airbrush tool must be used, to give that blurred touch of the aura.

Nail art experts shared that to achieve another similar style, the “cloud effect” you can do them yourself by taking a eye shadow palette and one makeup sponge can achieve the effect. Apply the shadow over your base shade before sealing with another coat.

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It is recommended to wear the colors of your choice and bold color combinations; Experts share that the psychology of color is real, and if you lean towards these beliefs, aura nails will be perfect tools.

Remember that this is a personal form of art, expression and freedom, apply it to your liking and have fun with it.

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Aura nails are going to replace your 90s moon ring