At 30 euros a night: this is the hotel “oasis” of the Bishopric in Aguadulce

Alvaro Hernandez

20:34 • 17 Sept. 2022

“If I told you this is an oasis, it’s obvious. If I told you that at the seashore you can rest, pray, train, live together… But if I also tell you that it is a home, a workshop, a house of prayer, retreat, meeting, formation… This is your place, on the seashore”. With these words, the bishop of Almería, Antonio Gómez Cantero, tries to define the House of Spirituality ‘Reina y Señora’, a true haven of peace owned by the Diocese in Aguadulce.

The prelate thus speaks of the House of Spirituality in a promotional video of just over four minutes in length with which the Diocese of Almería intends to attract guests to this unique corner of the Church of Almería located in Costa Africa, on Eire street.

It would be easy to say that it is a hotel overlooking the sea and a few meters from the beach, but the truth is that, in this way, the definition of a place that, to tell the truth, has little to do with a beach hotel would be overly simplified.

In fact, it is not even similar in price: in a list of rates recently published by the Casa de Espiritualidad ‘Reina y Señora’ itself, it can be verified that the prices of the rooms range from 30 euros (for a single person who just wants to stay) to 90 euros (for double rooms with full board).

In addition, breakfast (at five euros) and lunch (at twelve euros) are offered separately.

All this, in a small complex founded in 1953 by Bishop Alfonso Ródenas García and that he was completely reformed while he was bishop of the Adolfo González Montes Diocese.

Altogether, hehe House of Spirituality has 35 air-conditioned rooms with bathroom, 3 chapels, 2 conference rooms, 3 dining rooms with capacity for up to 200 people, library, audiovisual services room, rooms for group meetings, kitchen, galleries and large terraces, a Mediterranean garden of more than 8,000 square meters in front to the sea, direct access to the sea and a private arking with 80 parking spaces.


The possibility of staying at the Casa de Espiritualidad is open to everyone, but the truth is that a certain decorum is demanded in its facilities (it is not a beach hotel, with all that that implies) and, in addition, its usual ‘clients’ go to this corner of the Almeria coast in search of spiritual tranquility: either to spend time on doctoral or writing work or for numerous groups to celebrate spiritual retreats in its facilities, the House of Spirituality is usually a constant coming and going of guests who opt for this unique mode of accommodation, not necessarily religious.

In fact, with the spiritual retreats and the many guests (especially in summer), the House of Spirituality has come to welcome 200 people, attended by a staff that ranges between 3 and 5 people (with staff dedicated to maintenance and gardening). of both this diocesan complex and the Seminary, located in the capital). This is the unique hotel haven of peace (which is not a hotel) owned by the Diocesan Church of Almería in the heart of Aguadulce, facing the Mediterranean Sea.

At 30 euros a night: this is the hotel “oasis” of the Bishopric in Aguadulce