Assuming the challenge is the best way to see the change

youtransforming is a law of life. And if we do not accept it, we are doomed to tedium, routine, boredom and the very disappearance.

If you don’t believe it, look at a butterfly. We did not always see her displaying her beautiful wings; Before that, it was a small caterpillar that grew in size until it wrapped its entire body in silk and formed a cocoon.

The metamorphosis of this insect reminds us that we are obliged to transform ourselves and that, sooner or later, life itself will make us throw ourselves into the ring.

As human beings we should understand that if we want to fly and go far, it will be necessary to be willing to take risks and give up comfort zones; In short, we must dare to live.

How much have you transformed? Does he resist a challenge?

I insist on saying that change is an integral characteristic and, like it or not, daily life itself confronts it with permanent modifications.

Obviously everything is a process, just as it happens to the butterfly. In each alteration there is an internal movement, a learning and a risk. And this last factor, due to the ordeal that entering another environment represents, is what often causes you to stop.

Being overly afraid of losing what you’ve already gained or going backwards in what you’ve advanced causes you to be filled with fears. And that is relatively normal! All of us, for some reason, are terrified of the idea of ​​exposing what we have worked so hard to achieve.

Despite this, you must make a decision and it will depend only on the willpower you have to take that first step.

Whatever the decision you make, I warn you that you cannot live submerged in negativity, because it will make you see fatalistic things at all times and you will submerge yourself in a sea of ​​uncertainties.

If you stay still, stagnate or take refuge in the ‘caves of cowardice’ in which you usually find yourself, you yourself will be emitting a voice of rejection of life itself and, therefore, you will remain cloistered in passivity.

This being the case, changing is the only way to continue growing, even to experience life as something satisfying.

Keep in mind that every time you decide to change something in your world, especially when you know it is beneficial and necessary, you will reap rewards for your growth.

Ultimately, their main responsibility is to evolve as time goes by, directing their approach based on their own aspirations and capabilities.

Note: It is not about changing for the sake of changing! The secret of everyone who gets an alteration is to do what corresponds to him and stop doing what he knows is harmful.

It’s that simple and at the same time that difficult! Because that implies a great strength of character to be able to set aside what is established.


* Christmas is not a matter of opening gifts, it is about finding the key to open the heart. Take advantage of this season to thank God for everything she has given you this year and for what is to come. Remember that if she has faith, He will shower her with blessings.

* Respect what others think; understand how they feel about you, even if someone doesn’t like you; and if they judge you, try to be tolerant, do not take it personally and assume it as a confession from the other. Each one speaks from what he has in his mind and gives from what he keeps in his heart.

* It is essential that you take care of the garden of your mind, since it is proven that the thought that you water on it will grow. Remember that every time you are able to cultivate your mind and not get carried away by a ‘bad’ seed, you will have a chance not to get trapped inside it.


1. Don’t give away your work.

2. Don’t give unsolicited advice.

3. Don’t hide your emotions.

4. Don’t beg.

5. Don’t assume.

6. Do not depend on anyone.

7. Don’t borrow.

8. Do not ask for forgiveness more than once.

9. Don’t beg for love.

10. Do not think that because you are powerful you can run over people.


Anxiety frequently assaults our state of mind, especially in difficult times. However, with each questioning we have one more chance to face a new horizon, either reasoning or applying healthy strategies for the soul. What are those fears that affect you today? Tell us about them to reflect on it on this page. Send your case or your testimony to Euclides Kilô Ardila at the email: In this column, he himself will answer you. Let’s see today’s case:

Testimonial: “I made my life complicated by foolish decisions, which today make me feel quite bored. I think about the path I took and it makes me angry. I think I got more involved than necessary and now I can’t get out of this frustration. Why was I so stupid? Is that what I get for being a young man? I would appreciate a recommendation for my situation.”

Answer: I would say that everyone, young or old, can become complicated in various aspects. For some reason, everyone mixes fears with insecurities, frustrations and anxieties. Although you do not give me further details of the alleged wrong decision you made, you do not have to live bitter. And I tell you so that you can begin to eliminate the drama that surrounds you or the one that you yourself live feeding with your gray thoughts.

If you make a wrong decision, don’t stay bitter. See the situation as a lesson and try to improve. Make amends and move on.

It is clear that, from what he tells me, that he opted for a path that suddenly seemed to him not to be so successful, but in the end he should not remain lamenting, much less can he live bottled up by what happened. It was his choice and he must bear the consequences, but nothing comes out of living depressed.

I insist on telling you that both you and many people, throughout life, make mistakes and obviously are forced to settle accounts and pay for those situations that finally made their lives difficult.

Remember: no matter how hard the path taken, any step taken will always bring lessons. Learn from what you have experienced and put an end to that matter once and for all.

Don’t lose faith! Beyond what you feel, you have the right to rebuild the journey. Ask God for wisdom to act and above all to get out of this mess that has been made in the mind and in the heart. Listen to me!

Assuming the challenge is the best way to see the change