Assisi. “Announcing the beauty of hospitality”: this is the mission of adoptive and foster families

From 8 to 11 December in Assisi after two years, the traditional seminar of Ai.Bi. and “The discarded stone” on the spirituality of hospitality

After the suspension caused by the pandemic, the annual meeting of the spirituality meeting of the families of the association returns The Rejected Stone and of the movement Ai.Bi. Children’s friends. The meeting – this year also characterized by the happy anniversary of the fifteenth year from the foundation of La Pietra Scartata – will take place in Assisi from8 atDecember 11, 2022 and will be dedicated to the consideration and study of the invitation “Son, today goes to work in the vineyard” aimed at adoptive and foster families and their children. These will be intense days in which moments of spirituality, prayer, study, discussion and reflection will alternate, divided into two distinct work sessions.

The program of the days

On 9 December the discussion will be dedicated to the theme “The “La Pietra Scartata” Association and its mission: the announcement of the beauty of hospitality”. The path will be introduced by the lectio divina and meditation on the passage from the Gospel of Matthew, Mt 21,28-46, which will be proposed by don Massimiliano Sabbadinispiritual adviser of the association, which will be followed by theoverture of the president Marco Griffini; the following contributions are expected during the day: “The associative vineyard: from the preparation of the land to its care, from sowing, to irrigation, to the harvest of the first bunches” edited by Gianmario Fogliazza; “Toils and benefits, resistances and graces of a possible rule in personal, family and associative life” edited by Paula Chiminazzo And Paul Pellini; “Prospects for the vineyard: which areas to consolidate, which services to explore, which challenges to face, which ‘mandates’ to confer/assume?” by the spouses Marialuisa and Massimo Cecchetti And Cristina and Claudio Cafarelli.

On the second day, the work of 10 December will continue addressing the theme “Forgiveness, reconciliation, thanksgiving, restitution: experiencing the beauty of hospitality”. The first report will be proposed by the founder of the University of forgiveness of Turin, father Gianfranco Testawho, by virtue of his experience sensitive to pastoral care, animation and teaching in training courses for the practice of Forgiveness and Reconciliation, will address the theme “Forgiveness and reconciliation: anthropological option, theological quality”. A further space to the dimension of forgiveness will be crossed by Adrian Comovice-president of the University of Forgiveness, with the contribution “the path towards forgiveness: itineraries and methodologies”.

The first part of the day will continue with two testimonials from Greta Griffini And Sabina Perrone on the path travelled”from forgiveness to restitution” and will end with the contribution of Davide Pellini, who will share the reflection conducted on the question whether it is possible, and necessary, a spirituality of welcoming betrayal. In the afternoon the contributions of Pinella Crimi, Educating for beautyand of Marzia Masiello, Recognize, always and everywhere, beautywhich will be followed by a moment dedicated to debate, comparison and sharing which will end with the conclusions gathered by President Griffini.

On the evening of Thursday 8 December, after a brief moment of introduction to the national meeting, aadoration Eucharistic which will conclude with the prayer of the holy rosary for abandoned children and welcoming families.

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Assisi. “Announcing the beauty of hospitality”: this is the mission of adoptive and foster families – La Pietra Scartata