Art and spirituality in the hospital, the Siena Invicta

An artistic and multimedia exhibition to make a wing of the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in Siena more beautiful and comfortable. This is the spirit with which the “Siena Invicta” exhibition is hosted at the Sienese university hospital, in the corridor of lot 3, on floor -1. The exhibition, curated by the artist Silvia Gasparrini and the art historian Giulia Ercole and already set up by the Municipality of Siena in the Olmastroni gallery last April, was inaugurated at the Santa Maria alle Scotte hospital in the presence of Cardinal Augusto Paolo Lojudice, the councilor for culture of the Municipality of Siena Pasquale Colella, the Vice-Rector for Health of the University of Siena Francesco Dotta and the other civil and military authorities of the area, as well as professionals and the management of the Aou Senese.
«The bond between Siena and the Virgin – explains Cardinal Augusto Paolo Lojudice, archbishop of Siena, Colle di Val D’Elsa and Montalcino – has always been strong and profound. Mary is present in every important moment of our city and the fact that the exhibition was set up in the hospital dedicated to her is a sign of how our heavenly Mother takes under her protective mantle all the sick and their families who every day , in this structure, they entrust themselves to you to obtain the healing of the body, but above all that of the soul ».
«We have enthusiastically welcomed the proposal of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Siena and we are honored to be able to host the exhibition“ Siena Invicta ”- comments the general director of the Aou Senese, Professor Antonio Barretta -. Hosting cultural events brings the hospital closer to the city and also allows us to promote events of absolute importance, like this one, also for the deep symbolic meaning they carry. Furthermore, the works of art, with their beauty and emotionality, are able to lighten, even for a short time, the burden of hospitalization for our patients, users and visitors, making our hospital absolutely more welcoming, especially in a large area. transit”.
The artistic project traces the historical stages of a significant gesture, that of the handing over of the keys of the city of Siena to the Virgin Mary, a gesture carried out several times over the centuries on the occasion of dramatic and crucial events that afflicted Siena and the lands of its Republic. “Siena city of the Virgin”: this is the focus of the exhibition consisting of six works by Silvia Gasparrini, which illustrate six different episodes of the handing over of the keys of the city to Mary made according to the technique of traditional panel painting. In addition to these representations there is also a film short made with the direction of Giulia Ercole in collaboration with Moviement: the story is that of the encounter between a traveler and the city of Siena which, in the first person, guides him to discover the its beauty, its history and its profound Marian devotion.
“Siena Invicta” remains at the Siena hospital until Friday 14 October, opening hours of the exhibition: from 9 to 18.

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Art and spirituality in the hospital, the Siena Invicta – Toscana Notizie exhibition inaugurated