Alexander Pescador inaugurates the exhibition ‘Light and Hope’

The spirituality, freedom and energy that mystical beings display on their own, can be appreciated in the exhibition light and hopeby the plastic artist Alexander Pescador Kobets, which was inaugurated at the Multiversidad Cultural Center.

The 20-year-old, who has dabbled in the Fine Arts since childhood, since he is a musician as well as a painter, shows for the first time alone, 38 of his works.

Previously, he was part of two group exhibitions that were held at the Municipal Center for the Arts, where he graduated.

Friends and family accompanied the plastic artist at the opening ceremony of his exhibition, in which he accompanied his grandfather, the teacher José Ángel Pescador Osuna; Raúl Rico González, director of the Mazatlán Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art, and his music teacher, Luis Ornelas, cut the ribbon.

A range of geometric patterns, which were the result of the equivalent of the seven musical notes that were embodied in the seven colors of the rainbow, was what inspired the artist in his strokes.

These bases can be seen in the painter’s exhibition, who, amid applause from those present in the venue, thanked the affection shown.

All his works, made in vinyl-acrylic on canvas, show bright colors and very defined strokes, some are geometric figures, others are animal figures, which he himself has seen around his home, as well as mystical figures of alebrijes, which they inspire the artist to the spirituality of the exhibition itself.

In turn, two figures of the Virgin of Guadalupe can be seen, which gives it an identity of its roots, since the young man, despite being of Mexican origin, his mother is of Russian origin.

At the opening ceremony, Olga María Enciso, director of the venue, welcomed those present and introduced the artist, from whom she read a profile of his extensive career.

“Welcome to this exhibition, I am very pleased that you were able to accompany me to this exhibition, which we organized to share the work that I have done during the Covid-19 pandemic, a disease that came to lock us up, fill us with fear and cause changes in our way of living; Personally, it causes me uncertainty, concern for my friends, family, and acquaintances. Personally, when I find myself in a tense situation, I try to eliminate that situation by reading, listening to music, touching, drawing, and painting,” explained the artist.

“Since I can remember I have related music with colors and moods; In addition, at my grandparents’ and my parents’ house, I have had access to countless books and many creative and artistic influences, which have inspired me”, he commented.

At the ceremony, Pescador Kobets thanked the support of his father, José Ángel Pescador Hernández, and his grandparents, José Ángel Pescador Osuna and Efigenia Hernández de Pescador, who accompanied him on the evening.

About the Author

The young man was born in 2002 in Mexico City, and in 2012 he entered the Municipal Center for the Arts, in the music, piano and painting workshops, where he further developed his taste for visual arts under the tutelage of Beatriz Fuentevilla, who taught him the value of working with different materials and supports for artistic creation. The young man has studied music and visual art with dedicated teachers in Mexico City, Los Angeles and California. And since he was little, he highlights his ability to create colorful images, to convey emotions and moods with his work.

Alexander Pescador inaugurates the exhibition ‘Light and Hope’