# ADIUTORGAUDIIVESTRI25. In seven hundred pages the pastoral care of a bishop always close

Collaborator of your joy: Adiutor gaudii vestri. Since 1997 it has been the motto, even before the life program, of Msgr. Michele Secciasince 2018 archbishop of Lecce.

Now it is also the title of the volume published by the archdiocese of Lecce and printed for the types of Editions Vivere inwith the support of Banca Popolare Pugliese, presented during a meeting held in the augna magna of the Mediterranean Center for Pastoral Care and Culture “John Paul II”. Last act of the jubilee celebrations for the 25th anniversary of episcopate (LOOK) of the archbishop promoted by the diocese.

The volume collects in 700 pages the 14 pastoral letters that span 25 years of episcopate of the Lecce prelate and, with them, the very history of the three local Churches that along the Adriatic axis, from the diocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie (Local church of origin) moving to the diocese of San Severoto the diocese of Teramo-Atri and, finally, to the archdiocese of Lecce, they marked the path of Msgr. Dry.

“His pastoral letters – explained the vicar general Msgr. Luigi Manca, among other things, editor of this important publication for the archdiocese – they have the flavor of the wisdom that descends from the Word and from life lived. They are a concentrate of experience, of ordinary and exceptional existential events, developed in the light of the rainbow of the Gospel. To the writings of our beloved archbishop is added a rich photographic compendium that portray the young man, calm and reassuring, looking towards the future, in the years of his presence in San Severo; then the mature man who goes through with courage and hope even the immense trials of natural disasters in the territory of the diocese of Teramo-Atri; finally, the man of listening, as the premise and style of walking together, anticipating the synodal journey strongly desired by Pope francescoin which we must dare, to authentically express and live the time of our active hope ”.

Seccia’s 14 pastoral letters are introduced by nine written contributions: the introduction by Msgr. Missing, precisely; the biographical profile of Msgr. Seccia of Vincenzo Paticchiodirector in charge of Portalecce; the reflection of the card. Salvatore De Giorgi and the president of the Apulian episcopal conference Msgr. Donato Negrothe texts edited by Antonio Guidone, Sandra De Colli, Msgr. Adolfo Putignano, Simona Abate.

“We read the passion of Msgr. Seccia for the ordinary, for the liturgy, the magisterium and spirituality – said the moderator of the meeting Simona Abate, coordinator of the House of Charity. Mons. Michele Seccia lived those 25 years of his episcopate keeping his promise to be at the service of God and men, expressing his attention every day to the social, the environment, the economy. In a word, towards the person. This is why, the word that recurs most among the written contributions that are introduced by his letters is certainly that of friend: Msgr. Seccia has truly become a collaborator of the joy of all ”.

Not just a certificate of affection and faith, this book tells the way of feeling and living the episcopal ministry and, even before that of the presbyterate, of Msgr. Michele Seccia.

“If there is fulfillment in the beginning – he underlined don Tony Bergamo, director of the ISSRM “Don Tonino Bello” of Lecce – at that time it was interesting to dwell on the first pastoral letter of Msgr. Seccia to the three dioceses entrusted to him. In them we see a repetition that is not general at all, but is the sign of a journey of life in which he has gone ever deeper. In the first letter to San Severo, the concept of the I before God dominates; in the one in Teramo-Atri that I becomes the you of the other who challenges us and who belongs to the family of God, in the one in Lecce that you becomes a us as the presence of God among us “.

Photogallery by Arturo Caprioli

# ADIUTORGAUDIIVESTRI25. In seven hundred pages the pastoral care of a bishop always close