Abderrahmane Kahlane exhibits in Algiers

“Colors and memories”, a retrospective exhibition of the painter Abderrahmane Kahlane, was inaugurated on Sunday in Algiers, restoring through several themes in the forms and volumes of different media, thirty years of a successful career.

Visible until February 5 at the Frantz-Fanon Gallery of the Office Riadh El Feth (OREF), the second edition of this exhibition presents itself as an immersion in the depths of oneself and the assessment of a prolific career, through a selection of works from various exhibitions, constituting a synthesis of the artist’s rich career.

In an innovative vision with a fresh look, Abderrahmane Kahlane restores to the visitor in an original and singular impetus, the antique in revisited forms imprinted with modernity.

Giving free rein to his perpetually proliferating creativity, the self-taught visual artist has chosen to give visibility to around thirty of his paintings in small, medium and large formats, between old and new, divided into seven themes essentially evoking the heritage, spirituality, ancestral tradition or even the Casbah of Algiers, through its constructions and its doors.

Among the exhibits, between paintings framed under glass and canvas works, “Porte de la Casbah”, “Hora (2)”, “Tribute to Mohamed Racim”, or even “Tribute to Tahar Kahlane”, as well as “beautiful silent poetry” restoring houses of the Casbah of Algiers which support each other.

Using mixed techniques that highlight the luminous intensity of the colors used, like bright “green” and “orange”, or even blue, this beautiful color, the result of long research carried out at based on azure pigment, some canvases are “fluorescent and glow in the dark”, explains the artist.

Other paintings done in acrylic and gold leaf, express another vision of the artist in whom, the informed visitor observes firsthand a crossing of currents and schools of painting.

“I do not subscribe to any artistic current and my creativity is nourished by all schools of visual arts”, specifies the artist.

A dozen or so household utensils to which Abderrahmane Kahlane gave a second life are presented in beautiful colors, like the Tajine, a few large plates and couscoussiers, which have become receptacles of bright colors, symbols of foods from the mind.

Accomplished plastic artist, Abderrahmane Kahlane, was introduced to art at a young age. A traveler at heart, his many escapades have allowed him to meet new cultures, acquire new visions and produce remarkable works inspired from here and elsewhere.

Abderrahmane Kahlane is the author of dozens of exhibitions which he has presented in Algeria and abroad. His work always remains a tireless quest for beauty in all its forms.

Abderrahmane Kahlane exhibits in Algiers