A study proposes taking advantage of the Korean boom on the Camino de Santiago

HBN. Korean boom of the Camino de Santiago. Incredible, it can be classified, the expectation that the Camino de Santiago arouses in a tourist group so distant, culturally and kilometrically, as is the Korean.

Korea provides a large number of pilgrims, almost always, endowed with a high purchasing power. For this reason, Luis Bejarano, creator of the Jacobean Route Project from El Rocío to Santiago de Compostela, has spent months studying, on different routes of this journey, the degree of knowledge that these pilgrims have about the south of our country. The result is that most of them are unaware of the possibility of starting the Camino from that area of ​​the Spanish geography.

The proposal to take advantage of the Korean boom on the Camino de Santiago includes a schedule for the new route to be presented at the tourism fair “KOTFA Korea World Travel Fair 2023” in the city of Seoul. –

Luis has developed a project-proposal to try to capture the interest of the tourist departments of La Junta, with the aim that Koreans find it attractive to start the game from the surroundings of the Doñana National Park and the El Rocío Village in Huelva.

In a few days, and through the Tourism Delegation of the Junta de Andalucía in Huelva, Bejarano will register his proposal.

According to the promoter, most Koreans are not Christians, but they have found a guide to rethink their lives on the Jacobean route. They travel from a very competitive and urban country, where its inhabitants have little space, and free time, to put their ideas in order. The Jacobean route is an inexhaustible source of spirituality and meditation for them.

South Korea is experiencing a boom regarding the Camino de Santiago: Television programs, social networks and thematic books, which are sold massively, offer a good possibility at this time of attracting quality tourism for the new Jacobean route of Doñana.

Luis Bejarano has been working on the project since 2016 and has already promoted it in Switzerland and other European countries. There are innumerable kilometers of Jacobean routes that he has covered, and studied, in order to create a solid proposal for the promotion of Andalusia.

“For me it is exciting to be able to design this type of project and then feel proud to observe how they affect the image of my land” -says Luis Bejarano- “Although I have learned to be forewarned before delivering projects, after having taken some unpleasant surprise, seeing how my proposals finally appear on behalf of other people as if by magic”.

In any case, and despite these curious anecdotes, his idea is already receiving wide coverage in the media and, in fact, a few days ago the Spanish public television channel -RTVE- has broadcast a report on Luis and his proposals jacobeas. The Galician press also carries out special monitoring of the development of the proposal. But according to Luis Bejarano, the gratifying thing would be that Huelva’s people also began to be informed by the province’s media.

In the report that the Ministry of Tourism will receive, there are proposals such as recording an advertisement for television and social networks in South Korea, with Korean pilgrims getting to know the surroundings of El Rocío and Doñana before leaving for Galicia. Likewise, it offers the possibility of making a music video clip to the rhythm of K-POP in the different ecosystems of Doñana, a musical trend that unites rap, rock or pop and that drives Korean youth crazy.

It is also proposed that the Board present the project at the “KOTKA Korea World Travel Fair 2023” to be held in the capital Seoul.

A study proposes taking advantage of the Korean boom on the Camino de Santiago – Huelva Good News