“A melody for the luminous air”. Appointment at Petrarca’s house

A presentation-concert withwill conclude the review ‘ DIMA TELLS. Arts, Music and Literature’organized by the DIMA Cultural Association, in collaboration with the Edison Book Store of Arezzo.

Sunday 11 December, at 18.00 in Casin Petrarca, the poet and writer Lucrezia Lombardo will present “A Melody for the luminous air. Dante between Music, Spirituality and Healing” (OM Edizioni), the book by Marianne Gubri.

The author, making Dante her accomplice and her guide in a path of self-awareness, invites us to think about healing with a global gaze, in which music reflects spirituality and, taking into consideration an enormous amount of knowledge that crosses the centuries, rebuilds those bridges and ties that heal the fractures between points of view, approaches, techniques.

With that prettiness that the tradition from which Dante draws attributes to angels and harpists, Marianne Gubri speaks not only to our minds, but creates a resonance in our hearts, allows us to experience a vibration and a taste of unity and completeness that brings together the musical theories of Ancient Greece, those of medieval Europe, the Indian tradition, up to contemporary neuroscience with their illuminating discoveries on the brain.

This work is a set of researches, intuitions, curiosities satisfied by reading texts that are very different from each other, yet connected from the search for a lost harmony that can be sought, approached, lived – says the author – How sounds affect our body through vibrations, they direct our emotions and our thoughts thanks to their power cathartic and the aspiration to beauty?”.

Little has been said about the awareness of the effects of music in the Middle Ages and in Dante’s thought. Retracing her lyrics, together with other contemporary sources, the author traces a history of the psychology of music.

Choosing some texts of ancient cultures, on which Dante himself drew – adds Gubri – is possible to outline a story of music therapy, which, back in time and outside the borders European geographicdshows recurring themes, constant effects of the art of sounds on body, on the emotions and in the thoughts of men”.

The presentation of the book will be accompanied by musical pieces played by Gubri herself on the harp. Born in France and living in Italy, Marianne Gubri combines an original and unique musical journey with a quest for personal development.

She studied the Celtic harp at an early age in Brittany before turning to the ancient harp in Italy, and now travels the world with her musical projects. He has created numerous shows linking music with the arts, literature, theatre, philosophy, spirituality and science.

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“A melody for the luminous air”. Appointment at Petrarca’s house