Young doctor from Cosenza in Occhiuto: “I receive contacts from other regions, never from mine”

SPEZZANO DELLA SILA (CS) – The celebrations started yesterday and will go on for 10 days, in honor of the patron saint of Calabria. Celebrations characterized by a strong sense of attachment to their roots: religious, folkloristic and food and wine. This year the solemn celebrations take on a particular meaning, because after two years of severe pandemic restrictionsyou will be able to live in a more festive and carefree atmosphere, recommending those simple behaviors that safeguard us from contagions. A program characterized by important religious and civil events, starting from the opening day with the sound of bells, fireworks, traditional Drums, the “R.Rizzo” Musical Band, which this year celebrates its 160th anniversary anniversary, and the Holy Mass presided over by the MRP Francesco M. Trebisonda. Each day will be dedicated to a specific theme in a traveling itinerary of the Statue and Relicswhich will stop in some streets of the country.

We will leave Saturday 10 September with the Day of Charity and then that of prayer, of the dead, of young people, of voluntary work, of the sick, of the elderly, of spirituality and of families. Sunday 18th, the procession that will parade through the streets of the town e Monday 19 Septemberthe closing of the party with the Holy Mass at 19.00.

Saturday 17 and Sunday 18represent the more intense and festive daysstarting from dawn, when at 5,00 the traditional drums they will spin through the streets of the town. On Sunday 18, the Eucharistic celebration will be broadcast live on LAC TV. At 17.30, then, there will be the procession of the saint through the streets of the town accompanied by the musical band “R. Rizzo” and upon the arrival of the saint in piazza delle fontane, the act of entrusting the city to the saint, with the symbolic delivery of the key from the Mayor, and the fireworks.

The program of civil celebrations, will start on Monday 12 September with a day of dance and games for children and adults. The following evening, 70s / 80s / 90s Revival with Dj Romeo, Francesca Greco and the Terpsichore Academy. Wednesday 14there will be the live broadcast of Radioactive RLB in piazza delle Fontane with the drums, the award ceremony of the artistic contest “In arte … San Francesco di Paola”, the pizza eaters and what will be the evening of Thursday 15 September in which the 160 years of the Musical Association will be celebrated “R.Rizzo”.

The weekend will see protagonists:

– Friday 16 September the “Italian Bee Gees“, The only official and recognized cover band by Bee Gees.
– Saturday 17th September, one of the best known Italian pop music groups in Italy and in the world, for their timeless, intergenerational songs, which are liked by adults and children: the Rich and the Poor.
Sunday 18in closing, the performance of the Bashkim Etnofolk with their local folk and ethnic music.

A historic event, loved by the residents of La Spezia, but also by those who return for the occasion from different parts of Italy and abroad. S. Francesco di Paola still represents a strong appeal for everyone.

Young doctor from Cosenza in Occhiuto: “I receive contacts from other regions, never from mine”