WTF: top 10 craziest cults

The sects are rather strange organizations or groups of people who often have is the subject of mysteries. In general, it is most often a community of individuals following a philosophical, religious or political doctrine which all agree on a common thread to be followed and respected. As a whole, all members, or adherents, must actively participate in the life of this said community. Unfortunately, in many cases it is a minority party that attracts people with the aim of dangling things from them that do not exist by often extracting colossal sums of money. In this top, you will see a list of strange and often dangerous organizations, which advocate suicide in order to achieve immortality or simply to preserve the environment.

#1 Church of Scientology

Arguably the best known of this list, the Church of Scientology aims to enhance the skills and abilities of adherents in order to totally free their spirituality. It was founded in 1952 and is still all the rage in some countries, including in France and the United States. According to the sect, the human is an immortal being who does not use not fully capable. By integrating this organization, members will be able to reach a level of consciousness never seen before and thus overcome the physical limits through the teaching of Scientology. The end goal is to reach the “thetan”, a spiritually good and omniscient being with unlimited powers. Upon reaching this final stage, the individual is freed from all physical constraints.

As you might expect, this is obviously nothing more than science fiction, but this practice attracts many followers. The leading members have also used to extort money from their followers. In 2013, the French branch which claimed 45,000 members in 2011 was condemned by the Court of Cassation for organized fraud. The methods employed to turn worshipers away from their loved ones were similar to those of the mafia.

#2 the church of euthanasia

An even stranger sect but above all extremely dangerous for members. Founded in 1992, this organization advocates suicide and euthanasia in order to to preserve the environment. The very first punch action caused a reaction, since their slogan “Save the planet, kill yourself” was affixed to several panels of the Massachusetts in the United States. The primary goal was to warn of the danger of overpopulation with respect to the environment and the collapse of life. The four pillars of this bizarre church are the suicide, abortion, cannibalism (if the person is already dead) and sodomy. In short, currents of thought light years away from Christianity.


This absurd idea emerged in the head of its founder, Chris Korda, after a dream in which he was confronted with an extraterrestrial entity which would have told him that the ecosystem of our planet was weakening, and that the World leaders purposely ignored it.

#3 supreme truth of aum

It is a sectarian organization which raged in Russia and Japan in the years 1980 and 1990. Its founder, Shako Asahara, claimed to be the Christ and could transfer his spiritual powers to members for wash away their sins. She is infamous in the Land of the Rising Sun for her deadly sarin gas attacks on the Tokyo subway, which caused 13 dead and more than 6,000 injured.


#4 the aghori

This sect could be subject many horror movie scripts. The term Aghori refers to an extremist current of Hinduism, but also to a tribe present in India. Members of this sect believe to the power of black magic and the supernatural. They think that God exists everywhere, inside any organic matter. This is why they consume excrement, decomposing human corpses, or bodily fluids. They also indulge in necrophilia, “in order to find purity in the dirtiest”. The origins remain unknown.


#5 warriors of light

A movement created by Élysée Aide, the sect is now almost extinct since its founder went to court for “abuse of weakness by psychological subjection”, as well as “aggravated sexual assault” on a member. He began by giving kung fu lessons for free to a handful of devotees who stopped when the participants reached total exhaustion, before drifting on to philosophical theses based on much about conspiracy. There were also sex therapies on the program to reach the gates of orgasm, which were actually disguised sexual assaults.


The founder did not fail to evoke a world conspiracy of the Illuminati, linked to poisoning of the air and vaccines. This completely wacky organization nevertheless had several followers, who financed it to the tune of €230,000 so that the founder can continue to exercise individual sessions of introspection, and as mentioned above, sex therapies.

#6 children of god

Pedophilia as a pillar. It was founded in 1968 by a former Catholic Christian priest. Members considered sex is a divine right. The young women of the sect were encouraged to attract new followers by using their charm and putting in before their strengths. While this might be “mere” prostitution for religious purposes, in reality adherents were advocating totally free sexuality, having sex with anyone from incest to pedophilia. Age and family ties were irrelevant to the man who called himself David Moses.


Today, the sect hardly exists anymore, but was very powerful in the 1970s. Several celebrities, like Joaquin Phoenix, were members of this sect. He was only four years old when his parents left the community following its dissolution in 1978. His brother River’s death by overdose is often associated with the chaotic childhood and the trauma suffered that he had never been able to overcome.

#7 creativity movement

A supremacist sect, the Creativity Movement advocates the superiority of the white race. The organization has been advocating hate ever since its founder, Ben Klassen, saw a interracial couple. Adherents believe in a philosophy of Nature that segregation is simply a common thread that humans should follow. It is a natural “instinct” and each species must fight for his supremacy. In 1983, Ben Klassen founded an exclusively white school and aimed to train the race that would rule the world.

The Creativity movement has been classified as a neo-Nazi organization. The official site even had a questionnaire for the education of children, in which there is an “educational” cartoon which describes the invasion of Europe by the Jews. This strongly resembles the education imposed on the Hitler Youth.


#8 the Raelian movement

This community identifies itself as an “atheist religion”. The mythology of the Raelians takes up the concept of immortality of the great religions by including scientific theses such as cloning, genetic engineering, transference of consciousness and paradism. Once these pillars are associated, the human being can be totally liberated to become immortal. According to the movement, humans were created by beings themselves genetically created by beings, and so on until infinite times. Scientists from elsewhere called the Elohim, would therefore have created humanity in the form that we all know. According to the belief of the Raelians, God has always been a bad translation of the Hebrew word Eloha, which would mean the One who comes from the sky, in other words, an extraterrestrial.


#9 kopimism

Hard to know if this is a really serious cult or a big joke. Its logo, a yin and Yang marked “Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V” which is none other than the keyboard shortcut for copy paste, is indeed that of the religious movement called Kopimism. This religion was established in 2010 in Sweden and the country has it well recognized as such. According to the founding members, who have no less than 3000 followerscopying and sharing knowledge on the internet is the ultimate beauty that would lead to a better world. In other words, and to make it much simpler, this “religion” advocates computer hacking. Its status as a religion in Sweden comes from the fact that the country is still a constitutional monarchy and that to obtain the status of religion, it is necessary to prove that the primary objective is worship and that the activities practiced have a social purpose.


#10 Westboro Baptist Church

Last sect of this top, the Baptist Church of Westboro is a small American religious organization, founded by Fred Phelps, mainly made up of family members. She specialized in hate against homosexuals and community LGBT. It is infamous for having repeatedly organized provocative and extremely harsh demonstrations against contemporary society in the country of Uncle Sam. The place of worship is known for its anti-homosexual rhetoric and operates numerous websites such that took from its slogan “God hates fags”.


As you will have understood, according to the sect, homosexuals are responsible for all the ills of our contemporary society. During the shooting in a gay bar in Orlando in 2016, a family member had a sign stamped “God has finally sent his killer”.

Cults are therefore in the overwhelming majority of unhealthy organizations that use you for financial gain by using their psychologyor by following rules totally disconnected from the real world.

WTF: top 10 craziest cults