Who is the Black Adam of French rap?

The DC cinematic universe has been floundering a lot for the past ten years, between the desire to create an extended universe comparable to that of Marvel, the critical success of certain original projects, divisive films, and false starts. Black Adam, worn by 50-year-old Dwayne Johnson, was seen as the messiah by some superhero fans, and the focal point around which future DC projects could revolve – that was before the movie broke. mouth at the box office without succeeding in enthusing the critics.

This release is also an opportunity to ask ourselves a question of paramount importance: who could be the Black Adam of French rap?

The simplest method to identify the right profile is to rely on the famous powers of the antihero created by Otto Binder and CC Beck in 1945. There are 6 of them, they are directly inherited from Egyptian gods: Shou, Hero, Amon , Zehuti, Aten, and Mehen. For those who followed, their initials form the word SHAZAM, a name whose invocation is the source of many things in the DC universe, but that is another story, which we will tell you another day ( or read the comics, go see the movie, or check Wikipedia, in short, make an effort and rely only on yourself).

The endurance and resistance of Shou: Booba

Black Adam’s first power is perhaps the most practical: he is a particularly enduring character, who can withstand almost any type of deprivation. Not only does he not need to feed or weave to survive, but in addition, he can calmly endure being deprived of air: no way to suffocate or drown him, even if a villain like Sch tries to kill him. breathe air into the water.

When we talk about endurance and resistance, it’s hard to choose a profile other than Booba’s. Whatever one thinks of the character or his music, everyone agrees that the longevity of his career is an anomaly in the small world of French rap. Scandals, clashes, poor critical reception, controversies, Quarteron, Tariq Ramadan, Lumidee: no one has ever overcome the rapper. To our knowledge, no one has tried to deprive him of food, suffocate him or confront him with the vacuum of space, but there is no guarantee that this would be enough to end his career.

The Speed ​​of Heru: Alkpote

Faster than a Lamborghini, more powerful than an F-35, Black Adam possesses superhuman speed. Very practical for shopping on Saturday afternoon without spending 2 hours there, or for walking to Porte de Clichy – Porte de Vanves for a moment, avoiding traffic jams on the ring road and line 13 of the Paris metro.

A lot of French rappers could be mentioned: accelerations, fast-flow, productions at 130, 150 or 180 bpm, careers shorter than a circuit lap in Monaco, etc. We prefer the speed of Alkpote, for two reasons: firstly because without mastery, speed is useless, and technically, it is always impeccable. Then because he’s the only guy who can pose

i cum fast, i’m so fast” in all relaxation as if it were a superpower that everyone would dream of having.

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Amon’s Strength

In the DC Universe, Black Adam is one of the few characters able to rival Superman in terms of power. This is also one of the great arguments of the promotion of the film, with a Dwayne Johnson at the top of his physical form, and the promise of a confrontation between the two characters in an upcoming feature film.

Which French rapper to represent strength? Lacrim for Strength and Honor, Busta Flex for My Strength? We will choose Kaaris for the famous sign of strength, a gesture which characterized him a lot at the time of Or Noir / Le Bruit de monâme, and which will even become

viral on football pitches across Europe. This type of symbol is very representative of the worlds of heroes, and could very well have been integrated into the choreographies of groups of saviors such as Power Rangers, even if it’s hard to imagine Kaaris in a tight-fitting suit and a full-face helmet shouting “FORCE ROUGE, GO”.

The Wisdom of Zehuti: Ali

Black Adam isn’t exactly a pure heart or an angelic soul, but wisdom is among his main powers. Convenient for establishing combat strategies, understanding unknown languages ​​without needing 4G to use Google Trad, or even looking mysterious by reading hieroglyphs.

When we talk about wisdom in French rap, we necessarily think of Ali, author of three solo albums imbued with philosophy, spirituality, and morality – even if the notion of wisdom in Black Adam is a priori very far from the interpretation made by the rapper.

The power of Aten: Gims

Magic exists in the DC universe, which is very practical for making script shortcuts and creating fantastic situations. This is no problem for Black Adam, on whom magic simply has no effect. Better still, he is able to manipulate it and use it for his own purposes: he can, for example, teleport himself, get a rabbit out of his hat, or cause lightning to fall – very practical for shedding light on Sevran in case of power failure, for example.

His equivalent in French rap would therefore be a guy capable of praying for annihilating his enemies, summoning their destruction, and achieving three double-diamond albums consecutively, paranormal numbers that make no sense in the real world.

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The courage of Méhen: Criminal Kalash

We end with an essential power for any DC, Marvel or other superhero: courage. Black Adam does not know fear, doubt, uncertainty, in short: worrying about inflation, the energy crisis, ecology, or the next pandemics, it’s not his thing . Black Adam, he’s not afraid.

Add him a balaclava and a pair of Tim’s for head crushing, and that gives Kalash Criminal, a guy who responds “good luck” to threats before launching the laughter of Marcel Desailly.

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Who is the Black Adam of French rap?