What was Pedro Infante’s zodiac sign and what was his personality like?

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About Pedro Infante we already know almost everything, but perhaps one of the details that is little known about it is that related to his zodiac sign and his personality. Now we will tell you more about the one born in Guamúchil, Sinaloa, as there are some curious and interesting details about it.

The singer was born on November 18, 1917 at 02:30:00 in Mazatlan (Sinaloa), Mexico. This led some astrology experts to even search for his respective birth chart; of which a predominance of earth elements stands out, followed by those of water with a negative polarity.

Pedro Infante’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, in addition to having a Moon in Capricorn with a Libra ascendant. Although the sign of the interpreter of “One Hundred Years” is one of water, within its characteristics in the astral chart it is more related to those of Earth, which demonstrates the duality of his personality.

People who belong to the sign ruled by the scorpion have enormous intuition and a great imagination, they have tremendous willpower, firmness and are sensitive, emotional. Do you think these words describe the actor who gained international fame thanks to the movie Tizoc, alongside María Félix?

Pedro Infante

These people always have the intention of seeking the truth, perhaps to a large extent that was what led Pedro Infante to become one of the most important in the time of the Golden Cinema in Mexico.

On the other hand, according to Pedro Infante’s birth chart, he has Mercury in Sagittarius, which according to experts indicates “a mind concerned with encoding the mind on the broadest level, whether in the form of greater spirituality, religion, philosophy or other higher aspects of the human being. In Sagittarius, Mercury is in the sign of his exile and is more concerned with attitudes than facts.”

What was Pedro Infante’s personality like according to his zodiac sign?

Now, astrology indicates that they are people with a passionate and assertive personality, who make decisions with determination. It is even considered that they are a little suspicious at first impressions, they first investigate thoroughly before giving their arm to twist.

Always try to express their emotions or feelings, although they are also the kind of discreet person who can take a secret to the grave. Do these words resonate with the personality that Pedro Infante had?

With regard to his friends, he trusts in his virtues and does not expect anyone to disappoint him, once someone turns his back on him it is very difficult for him to forgive.

The idol of Guamuchil

Of course, in love, Scorpios like Pedro Infante are very sensual and passionate, they are responsible with their children and appreciate intelligence in women. Although those of this sign are described as faithful, we know that the idol of the People was a man without ties who even married when he already had a previous marriage.

What was Pedro Infante’s zodiac sign and what was his personality like?