What to see and do today in Pamplona and Navarra


Pamplona-25N-International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women’. Today, ‘Coffeeing’-Workshop ‘Shall we talk about… healthy love and prevention of abuse?’. Pamplona Youth House. 19 hours. This activity aims to help young people identify abuse in relationships, as well as offer a guide that can help build healthy affective bonds, beyond the concept of romantic love. It will analyze how gender violence develops and what to do to prevent it. Free entrance until full capacity.

Uharte-Arakil: ‘Sexual assaults mediated by alcohol and other drugs’. Uharte Arakilgo Udaletxean. 6:30 p.m. With Aitziber Banuelos Ganuza.

Elizondo-Exhibition ‘WILPF-100 Years of Feminist Work for Peace’. CIP Elizondo Professional School. It launches messages of hope in favor of building peaceful, ethical and just societies. It shows the work of women so that peace is possible in all spaces, especially in the fields of war and conflict. Until November 28. Hours: Monday to Friday, from 12 to 14 h.

Tudela-Charla-colloquium ‘Men and equality. And U.S?’. Youth House Lestonnac-Civic Center. By Unai Zabaleta Aldaz, member of the Eraikiz-Men Building Equality Association.


‘The role of music criticism’. Royal and General Archive of Navarra. 19 hours. Cycle ‘The Ideas Sound’, organized by Jakiunde. Analysis and reflection that will revolve around the role of music criticism, its evolution, its influence on the perception of the works, even considering whether it is necessary. Given by Álvaro Guibert, music critic and Director of External Relations at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía. With the sponsorship of the Government of Navarra and Laboral Kutxa and the collaboration of the Archive. Free entry until complete seats.

‘Nicolás Ardanaz, an essential look’. Navarre Museum. 7:30 p.m. Lecture by Carlos Cánovas, photographer and curator of the exhibition ‘Nicolás Ardanaz, an essential look-Funtsezko begirada bat’. Free entry.

‘The ABC that saves lives’. Navarre Library. 19 hours. Cycle of talks ‘The ABC that saves lives’: ‘Is sport health? How we prevent sudden death in sport’, with Diego Reyero Díez. ‘Early warning: call 112! Response of SOS Navarra to the cardiac arrest’, with Alfonso Arrieta Aniz. ‘Resuscitated by the police: a new actor in the care of extrahospital arrests?’, with Ismael Zabalza Baranguá. Organized by: Library of Navarra and The ABC that Saves Lives. The talk will also be broadcast via streaming.

‘Your way’. The Rubber Factory, Fuente de la Teja 12, Soto de Lezkairu, Pamplona. 19 hours. Speaker: Villar Lopez Vallés, (Pamplona, ​​1971), Superior Technician of Plastic Arts and Design in Artistic Photography from the Pamplona School of Art. She has been working as a graphic editor at Agencia Efe since 2002. Organized by: Ateneo Navarro. The Camino de Santiago has been a route traveled by millions of pilgrims from all over the world for centuries. All walkers recognize its transforming nature that has made them reflect. Some call it the path of the soul, others the path of emotions.

‘Feminist alliances, white privilege and decolonial critique’. Calle descalzos, 56 (Elevator Building, 2nd Floor) 7 pm. Round table: Bilgune Feminista, Pastora Filigrana, María Rodó At this discussion table we will have these three guests who have published books that provide essential reflections within the framework of intersectionality, political alliances, decolonial (self) criticism, and privileges. Cycle ‘Pass the word, sister. Dialogues between feminist collectives and authors’: a debate on alliances, privileges and decolonial criticism.

‘Mobilizations for the rights of African women’. Katakrak Bookstore, Pamplona. 19 hours. Conference ‘Social and popular mobilization in the African continent. Meeting with activists: Keys, strategies and limitations for mobilization’. Speakers: Stephanie Teyul Sagna. USOFORAL-Regional Solidarity Committee for Women for the Paix in Casamance (Senegal), Elsa Rodríguez Cabo. Center for African and Intercultural Studies CEAi. Organizes: Mundubat. Limited capacity. Registration required. Also, streaming.

‘Commissions, Euribor, mortgages…’. Civivox Constable. 19 hours. With María Ángeles Egúsquiza Balmaseda, Professor of Civil Law. Talks ‘School of Consumption’ of the UPNA.

‘Fiare, another Bank’. Geltoki Pamplona. 19 hours. ‘Month of the Social and Solidarity Economy’. Participants: Ana Palacios, representative of Fiare Zona Norte, and Arola Farré, from the Board of Directors of Banca Ética. Faced with the arms business, fossil fuels, the buy-and-throw economy, work without labor rights and exploitation…, in short, for maximum benefit, there is another bank. One that cares about labor rights, caring for vulnerable people, organic farming, renewable energy, recycling, migrants, investing in the south of the world…


Meeting with Isabel San Sebastian. Diario de Navarra Reading Club, c/Zapatería 49, Pamplona. 19 hours. The journalist and writer will present her book ‘La Dueña’. Limited capacity. Sign up at mundodn.es

‘The birth of the poetic vocation’. New Main Casino, Plaza del Castillo, Pamplona. 19 hours. Cycle of talks on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Poetry Magazine ‘Río Arga’. Six young Navarrese poets, collaborators of Río Arga, will bring us closer to their literary inclination. The Professor of Literature Carlos Mata Ilundáin will present.

‘Literature, travel and exile’. Walden Bookstore, Paulino Caballero, Pamplona. 8:30 p.m. Meeting between the writers and essayists Mercedes Monmany and Álvaro de la Rica. Mercedes Monmany (Barcelona, ​​1957) has written three essays on this subject, published by the Galaxia Gutemberg publishing house, ‘By the borders of Europe: A journey through the narrative of the 20th and 21st centuries’, ‘You know I’ll be back: Three great female writers murdered in Auschwitz: Irène Nemirovsky, Gertrud Kolmar and Etty Hillesum’ and ‘No time for goodbye: Exiled and emigrants in 20th century literature’. Álvaro de la Rica: his latest book is ‘Órdago: A walk along the Basque border of the Pyrenees’.

Presentation of the book ‘The Rainbow inside me, the chakras’. Library of Saint George. 6:30 p.m. Loli Ducay from Pamplona has written a book that she has worked on for approximately two years, the result of readings, talks on spirituality and emotions. She shares her inner gaze expressed through poems. Free admission until full capacity

Presentation of the book ‘Around the country of Elkano’. Muga Bookstore, c/Paulino Caballero 27, Pamplona. 19 hours. Work of the writer Ander Izagirre, who will chat with Jokin Azketa.


‘Hamaika XI is Music’. City of Music, Pamplona. Round table ‘Musical mediamorphosis: Uses and limits of technology in performing concerts‘. Dept. of musicology. 10 a.m. Mediatheque. Come and listen… CSMN. Set of txistus. 10:15 a.m. Rivet. jazz combo. 11:30 a.m. Intermezzo. Xenakis Anniversary (1922-2001). Percussion classroom. 3:30 p.m. Exterior. CSMN concerts. CSMN Orchestra. Amaya Arbonies (vl). 7:30 p.m. Rivet.


‘Behi Jasa (It Rains Cows)’. Navarra School of Theater (ENT). 19 hours. Theater in Basque with Bora Bora. Cycle ‘Antzerki Aroa 22’. Fernando and Margarita live together in a relationship where saying “It’s raining cows” has become the most false of “I love you”. It rains cows introduces us to a home where gender violence is our daily bread. This home should not be unknown to us, not even distant, or alien. That this dark feeling that inhabits that home is called love is one of the greatest atrocities, and that is what we find in that home not so far away, not so faded, of Fernando and Margarita: a man who says so woman the worst of you love. This surprising text, which addresses the issue of abuse from poetry and bordering on the theater of the absurd, was awarded in 2017 with the Seal against gender violence from the Ministry of Equality of the Government of Spain. Tickets: €8.


‘Stromboli, land of God’. Film Library of Navarre. 7:30 p.m. Cycle ‘Essential Roberto Rossellini’. Italy, 1950. This film, a clear example of Italian Neorealism, even has overtones of a documentary. In it, a Lithuanian prisoner in a concentration camp marries a prisoner of war, desperate to get out of that place. Moving with her husband to Stromboli, his home island, she discovers that she has left one prison to enter another. A hostile, traditional terrain, rooted in old customs and terribly macho, does not welcome you… Eduardo Carrera presents. Tickets: €2.

‘Unit’. Civivox Constable. 6:30 p.m. ‘Russian Film Series of Pamplona’. The film, produced in 2015, arrives in Pamplona laden with awards, among which is the best actor for the lead, Andrey Merzlikin, or the Audience Award at the XIII Open Festival of Russian Cinema and Theater. Free entrance.

‘Excursions 2021-22 Ibilaldiak’. Assembly Hall Salesianas-Community Center. 20 hours. With Txantrea Mendi Taldea. ‘XXVI Txantrea Mendi Taldea Mountain Week’.

‘Penance’. Tafalla Kulturgunea Cinemas. 20 hours. Cycle ‘Film Library IN Navarra’. Direction and script: Pili Mújica. Documentary that aims to open a space for reflection and debate on the prison system and the myth of reintegration. It displays a wide range of proposals ranging from abolitionism to the alternatives that are taking place in some state prisons. It questions the very concept of crime and the different justice between rich and poor. It does so through various testimonies from groups, associations, experts, volunteers and prisoners. Tickets: €1.

Feature film/documentary projection ‘Acordes de la memoria’. Moncayo Cinema, Tudela. 7:30 p.m. With subsequent discussion of the screening by the cast. II Conference for Disability in Tudela: ‘Adding Capacities’. Free entrance.


‘Rain Tales’. Civivox Iturrama. 18 hours. Storytelling with Belén Otxotorena. Organized by Eunate Association. Age: 5 to 11 years. Accessible for people with hearing disabilities: with subtitling, sign language and magnetic loop.

Children’s workshop ‘Xamariko. Words to start loving Basque’. Children’s room Library of Navarra. 18 to 20 hours. Language: Basque. Age: 6-12 years. Gratuitous. Limited places. Registration until November 22 at the Library (848428980, bninfantil@navarra.es).

‘Kasildaren logela’: Storytelling (Basque) and craft workshop. Vallesantoro Palace/House of Culture of Sangüesa. 6:30 p.m. This activity is part of the program organized by Euskarabidea for the celebration of International Euskera Day. Children from 3 years. Free entrance.


Workshop: Make your recycled paper. San Francisco Library. 18 hours. For adult people. The session will be given by Lucho Herrera. Free admission, prior registration 948 210 524 or biblisfr@navarra.es

Anti-rumour workshop. Txantrea Library. 18 hours. Initiative that aims to fight against stereotypes, prejudices, rumors, etc. from communication, curiosity, information, critical spirit and empathy. Taught by the anti-rumour network of Navarra, Zaska. Free entry.

Parish Solidarity Rake. Corpus Christi Parish, Paseo García de Nájera 2-P, Pamplona. Until November 27. Objective: raise funds for the construction of a nursing home in Husi-Romania and welcome people living in extreme conditions. Products donated by neighborhood establishments and private donations. Hours: Monday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Saturdays, from 6 to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

What to see and do today in Pamplona and Navarra