What is kundalini yoga and how to practice it?

If you are interested in yoga for a while, you know that there are different types, more or less gentle or powerful. Among the most popular, vinyasa, hatha or ashtanga. Lately, the trend is towards a more unknown practice of yoga. This is kundalini, also called “yoga of awareness”. We tell you more, with the expertise of Emelyne, coach at Episod.

What is kundalini yoga?

Kundalini is an ancient practice of yoga. “This is the very first yoga, long before hatha, which was brought up to date about sixty years ago,” the specialist tells us. The latter defines kundalini as an experience that is lived, rather than a sports practice.

“It’s actually a energetic and emotional cleansing by the physical body tool. Unlike other types of yoga, we are not on the aesthetics of the movement but rather on the energy generated around the posture. This can be done through breaths or repeated movements,” she continues.

How does kudalini yoga work?

“A sane person is considered to have sixteen personalities. They wear different masks depending on the situations in which they find themselves, whether with family, at work or with friends for example. kundalini. It will allow you to drop the masks and find your true self”, explains Emelyne.

But how does this reconnection to oneself work? To better understand, we must look at the beliefs from Hinduism. Kundalini is a Sanskrit term related to yoga that refers to a powerful spiritual energy coiled in the base of the spine. This powerful energy is characterized by a serpent, which is coiled up and asleep. With some kriya exercises (purification techniques of yoga), we are going to wake up this snake and help it to climb along the seven main chakras of the body in order to awaken consciousness.

Chakras are junction points where vital energy is concentrated. Each chakra is in synergy with an endocrine gland (ovaries, adrenals, pancreas etc…). These glands themselves have an impact on the emotional and psychological state of an individual. By waking up this “snake”, the idea is to purify and harmonize the chakras, for an expanded consciousness. This will have an influence on energy, emotions, sexuality, spirituality and psychic state.

Who can practice?

Kundalini yoga can be practiced by anyone. There are no contraindications. “Of course, we adapt the postures according to the weaknesses or injuries of each”, specifies the specialist.

Pregnant women can also practice kundalini but they require medical advice.

What are the benefits of kundalini?

You have to understand that kundalini allows you to develop your spirituality and find true emotional balance. It thus has many benefits, whether for the body (physical) or for the mind (psychic). Overall, it allows:

  • Free yourself from negative emotions
  • Of strengthen the immune system
  • To boost energy and regain some vitality
  • Become aware of your breathing
  • ofwork through emotional blockages
  • To act on stress
  • Stimulate self-healing systems
  • To have a better mental balance and physical

How to practice kundalini yoga?

It is best to practice kundalini yoga in a center or gym, with a teacher who will be able to guide you.

Kundalini sessions usually last an hour and a half. A time that brings together yoga postures, mantras, kriyas, meditation and specific breathing exercises. Each session has a theme, with different kriyas adapted to it. For instance, release your inner anger.

The session begins with a mantra of openness and protection. You will only need a mat to practice kundalini. But that doesn’t mean it’s not intense, quite the contrary. “There is a very sporty part where we will come and perform repeated movements to release energy. This calls on the sheathing and therefore allows strengthen the abs. Meditation and breathing exercises are also performed throughout the session.

Each posture is followed by a short relaxation time. The session can end with songs and then with a time to calm down, to become aware of your emotions. There is also a closing mantra.

What are the dangers of kundalini yoga?

Kundalini is powerful emotionally. This is why it is essential to be accompanied by an expert. A too rapid rise of the kundalini could lead to certain depressive symptoms due to the overflow of emotions. This is where all the danger of this practice lies. It is often not recommended for very sensitive people.

>>> Many thanks to Emily, sports coach, for his availability and expertise. You can find kundalini yoga classes at Episod.

What is kundalini yoga and how to practice it?