What happened to the life of Jésica Hereñú, one of the most outstanding participants of Big Brother 2011

Jésica Hereñú in 2011, in the casting photo (left) and in one of the many notes she gave (right, in Intruders)

It was part of the sixth edition of Big Brotherthe one from 2011 that had the winner Christian U. And although she was the third to leave the House, jesica hereñu He knew how to find his place within the medium. Her departure from the reality show was not because the public decided so, but because she herself: she disagreed with some situations that occurred in the reality show, with a disagreement -above all- with who would be the winner, because of her way of playing .

When she was out of the program, the native of Parque Patricios quickly entered show business, doing theater, hosting television shows, modeling and achieving her own place in the media, with more than a dozen magazine covers. And although the job proposals multiplied, from one moment to the next Hereñú moved away from the foreground. It happened in 2016 when she, with whom she was her boyfriend at the time, traveled to the United States on vacation. What came after her were more job offers, which ended up convincing her that her life could be there.

Today, Jésica lives in Miami with her partner, Sean Van Bibber, whom he married last year. His life was turned upside down. And how he tells teleshowenjoy this present.

Jésica Hereñú, nine years after Big Brother
Jésica Hereñú, nine years after Big Brother

“Why did you enter Big Brother?

—I had worked more than five years as a waitress. That year I resigned and had gotten a job as a dancer and to make appearances and parades in records. I remember that at that time they paid me 150 pesos per parade, and a girl who had been in GH They paid him 500. As soon as the casting came out, a friend told me she was going to sign up and she said: “Why don’t you do it too?” The only thing I thought at that moment was that if I managed to get in, I could charge 500 pesos for a parade. That was my only expectation and goal.

—What memories do you have of reality?

-Very nice. I really enjoyed my stay there, everything exceeded my expectations. In that experience I got to know a lot about myself and I grew a lot. Now, watching old videos, several years old, I see myself and admire everything I did. There are also not so good memories, but I prefer not to talk; I choose to stay with the good ones, which by far were many more. I feel that it helped me a lot personally and financially. I am very grateful for everything.

—In those years you faced Cristian U.

-Yes. For me, I had a distance more than a confrontation with Cristian because I considered that his way of playing and the things he said and did were not right, from my way of seeing things. I understand that at the time everything could not be seen as it was because it was a television program, where for that reason what is seen and what is not is selected. Although it is said that everything can be seen, 24 hours a day, this is not really the case, since when something interesting happens, the transmission is cut off and then only the live program is seen, with a perfect edition, to attract the attention of the public. Sometimes things are changed in context to make something interesting to watch, and that’s the success of GH. It was something that made me very angry when it came out, but later, over time, I understood that this was a TV program and that everything must happen so that the public is entertained.

Jésica Hereñú and Martín Pepa, in a television interview
Jésica Hereñú and Martín Pepa, in a television interview

—You had an affair with Martín Pepa, a former partner in Big Brother. Are you still talking to him or to the rest of the participants?

—We had a relationship with Martín that lasted many years and had many nice things, and not so nice. We were younger and the exhibition was not easy either. Today I talk to several of the guys: we have a WhatsApp group where we share things and keep in touch.

—When you entered, you told that you had been a mother at 19 years old. Your son must be big by now.

—Yes, my son is quite a man now. He is the best thing I ever did. Today he is starting to make music, he composes and sings his songs, I am very proud. He lives in Argentina but travels several months of the year to be here with me. At one point she tried to adapt here, but decided to stay there.

Do you have a relationship with your father?

—We stopped being together many years ago, but we always had an excellent relationship. We only talked about specific issues about my son, but we always agreed on how to raise him.

—You were one of the few participants who quickly found a career path, doing television and a lot of theater. Was moving away from the artistic milieu your own decision? Did you see something you didn’t like?

—Moving away was my own decision, yes. To leave from GH I had a lot of exposure together, and at that moment one is kind of adrift and deciding what to do. I was in the middle, which is something I liked a lot, but there were also things I didn’t like. A few years ago I decided to come to Miami on vacation and after that, I had some job offers and I decided to stay. An ex-partner of mine was also here at that time, and then I decided to give it a try. Being in Miami I already moved away from the medium, because the medium is a place where you have to be and stay. Here, over the years, I changed a lot about myself and decided to do other things. But everything I did in the artistic field I remember with a lot of love: I loved each stage and each experience.

Jésica Hereñú, in a production of photos, one of the countless ones she took after Big Brother 2011
Jésica Hereñú, in a production of photos, one of the countless ones she took after Big Brother 2011

—Whoever enters your Instagram finds the following message: “Reikist, biodecoder, biodeprogrammer, tre, access bars, personal trainer, transgenerational tree.” What does each of those things mean?

—When I arrived in Miami I had an encounter with myself. As much as one believes that living abroad is easy, clearly it is not… I began to need answers, to ask myself many things, and in dreams or images they appeared. I then began to wonder what else there is, what I don’t see. We live stunned years with study, work, going out, relationships, and we don’t take time to evaluate situations, emotions, thoughts… and perhaps at times when one is worse off, that connection with oneself and with the afterlife appears. I started doing energy healing courses. I studied different techniques and still do them. Today I have my therapy company, but my goal tomorrow is to give classes so that people learn to know that they are the sole owner and responsible for their lives, and if one understands where what happens to us comes from and for what, we are the creators of changing everything.

—What pushed you to get into these studies?

—The first time I studied biodecoding was because at that time I had a ganglion in my wrist and here they told me that I had to operate or infiltrate it. I just got a video of Youtube with a very interesting book called Messages from your body and I bought it… I remember looking for the symptom I had and following the questions that the book had, I got to see what my stress was at that moment. I did a meditation myself, changing my thoughts about that situation, and instead of seeing the bad I saw the good and in 10 days that ganglion that I had had for months disappeared. At that moment, when I realized that I did not have it, I asked myself how it is possible that I heal myself, only with meditation, something that I had for months. It was there that I began to study bio and Germanic medicine.

“Are you in a relationship?”

—I am in a relationship, very happy and very much in love. His name is Sean van Bibber, we got married this year and for now we don’t want to have children. But if they come, they will be welcome. We plan to enjoy ourselves as a couple, travel a little more and we will establish ourselves financially well, and then we will be able to enlarge the family.

—How is your life in the United States?

I’ve been here for several years. Miami is a magical place: the people, the weather, the sea is something dreamed of. I am so grateful for making my new home here. It is very difficult to settle abroad loving your country, leaving family, friends, customs, activities… But it is also beautiful to know and explore the world. Right now I am focused on my therapy company, studying and focused on that. I also have a job as a dancer and I try to get into the world of cryptocurrencies. But my priority today is my company.

Jésica Hereñú, on the beaches of Miami;  today, your place in the world
Jésica Hereñú, on the beaches of Miami; today, your place in the world

—You found a more spiritual life.

—I started more spiritually as a result of finding myself in another country, feeling alone, looking for answers about what my place was. Closing my eyes, crying, wondering what I should do and asking someone to listen to me… At that moment I had an image of my grandfather, who had passed away when I was a child, and I received the answer that I should stay, that nothing would be easy, but that she was not alone. From that day on, sequences began to be synchronized where I received answers through signs, numbers, songs, dreams… And I began to meditate. There it all started.

—Are you coming to Argentina on vacation or do you think at some point you will return permanently?

—I have gone several times and my family also visits me, but for now I plan to stay here. But he did not rule out that possibility since Argentina is a place that I love and that has many people that I miss.

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