What are premonitions?

This article, through the development of three main axes, gives you the essentials on the meaning of a premonition. So you must read it in order to know enough about the gift of premonition and mediums.

What is the role of premonitions in clairvoyance?

To better understand the role of a premonition in clairvoyance, it is necessary to know the definition of the word premonition. Literally, all spiritualists who travel through time and space without leaving their homes have a gift of premonition. Indeed, the premonition is the name given by initiates to the different visions realized on a person’s life.

Clearly, a premonition is a form of prophecy that has a specific goal. That is to say, the premonitions are the fruits of the words that a consultant has whispered on the clairvoyance cards. In other words, a premonition reveals to an individual what is going to happen in their life in the future. It is a way of predicting a person’s future. It thus sums up everything that will be in a future close.

Figuratively, a predilection is an imaginary prophecy that seers tell to a consultant. Indeed, a predilection is called an imaginary prophecy, because sometimes the vision of a clairvoyant or a prophet can be cloudy. So they rely on what the cards tell them to satisfy the customer.

However, premonitions are the foundation of the empire of seers. They differentiate them from seers and uninitiated spiritualists. In other words, premonitions are the main characteristics of men who predict the future, known as clairvoyants?

How to explain a premonition?

Premonitions are sometimes very difficult to express, because not everyone needs the same functions of discernment. Indeed, premonitions are things that do not reveal themselves to anyone who wishes to have answers about their future. However, magicians who are able to make people understand the signs are just trying to state the facts in a few parables.

Generally, this practice allows them to see the reaction of the person in front of them before going into details. If necessary, with the person’s consent concerned, they make room in her head so they can channel her when the truth comes out. They have the possibility of doing it thanks to the divinatory power which they hold. Thus, all possible measures are taken in order not to destroy the life of the person concerned.

Fittingly, to explain the amazing promotions, Insiders ask individuals not to attempt anything without their permission. Thus, after the word of certification, the initiates reveal all that they saw while probing the life of the person concerned. This is often done in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, in order to attract the attention of the person concerned and the channel spiritually.

An appropriate explanation is given for being the prophet or prophetess when the person’s mind is much calmer. Most practitioners give spiritual guidance to patients at the end of their interviews. Usually, when a mixture of events occurs, they offer to be the spiritual guide for the individual.

However, initiates never keep to themselves information about a person who has come to them for help. They always find a way to say it.

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What are the chances of a premonition coming true?

All people who resort to this practice of pure spirituality always ask themselves this question after hearing prophecies. Either they ask it out of fear or lack of confidence, or worse, lack of faith. This question is the result of several days of reflection, reversal of the situation and questioning of each fact spread.

Well yes ! Clairvoyance is also a medium based on the belief in a thing. If Christians believe in their God, mediums believe in fate. They often pronounce the magic phrase that characterizes it: ” I believe in my destiny“. A strong reason why premonitions always come true for true idolaters.

When the time comes, a person cannot really assess the fulfillment of the prophecies from clairvoyance. Many things happen in life and one cannot even remember exactly what was said. However, some situations can be understood as deja vu or deja vu.

On the other hand, certain testimonies of practitioners summarize the realization of a premonition at an estimate of ninety-five percent. In other words, the prophecies do not come true as expected, but they always come true. You should know that the gift can lie dormant in some people, and it takes a professional to help them know if the gift exists.

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What are premonitions?