“We are spiritual beings with a human experience”

Discover what it is to live

Graduated cum laude in Medicine and Surgery, she teaches a curious subject called “Either you change your behavior or you change your planet” at the Faculty of Medicine, with incredible success, in which all pathologies related to environmental pollutants that affect her are treated. She was nearly killed when she developed multiple chemical sensitivity (fact: fabric softeners have 12 neurotoxic components). Evicted by medicine, she decided to retire in nature to become one with life and learned what really makes sense, she discovered what it is to live, she tells it in a beautiful book: The embryology of the universe (Firefly). “The world that we have created, full of toxic contaminants, alters our connection with life and with our spirituality, and if we live without that spiritual part, we lose meaning.”

Twenty-five years ago I had my first crisis of multiple chemical sensitivity, a disease that I didn’t even know about.

What triggered it?

He worked as a dentist putting mercury amalgams, which is very poisonous.

With what symptoms?

I ran out of energy; I suffered from headaches, muscle aches, lack of attention, and everything I ate made me sick; it was a deterioration as if he had aged 40 years.

And the journey of doctors began?

No specialist knew what was happening to me and it got worse. I spent almost a year in bed, I stayed at 35 kilos and in a wheelchair. I ended up admitted to Dallas, United States, in the hands of an expert for seven months fighting between life and death. I recovered a bit and returned to Spain.

Did he beat the disease?

It never completely expires. I got better by detoxing. Mercury, arsenic, pesticides, everything that is in our environment ran through my body. Why did I get sick and you didn’t?


Nobody knows the toxic load that it has until the moment comes when the glass overflows. I lost all sense, I couldn’t go out to dinner, go to the movies, or travel that I liked so much, because everything is full of toxins and they provoked many reactions in me.

What did?

Go to nature and connect, take an inner journey. Watching the sun rise and set, the seasons pass, dialogue with the plants… And so I recovered my enthusiasm, being with the cycles of life. At first I had to sleep in the garden because I couldn’t tolerate the toxins that inevitably surround us.

He discovered another world.

Wonderful. We do not have time to contemplate nature with dedication and without analysis and decipher the mystery encoded there. I discovered beauty and myself. Thus I exchanged the suicidal logic of the world for the logic of life.

Tell me that.

Life is: it is essence, presence, truth, and it has to do with nature; while the world is full of human vanity, of selfishness, of everything we have generated that has nothing to do with the laws of life.

Are toxics everywhere?

That’s right, in clothes, cleaning products, cosmetics, construction materials, paints, in water, in the air, in food… They are ubiquitous! There are about 150,000 pollutants around us and two to three new ones are produced almost daily.

What metamorphosis did you experience?

I lived lost, it was my character; and in the company of life and its rhythms: nature, insects, the stars, I began to know myself and to find that natural state of being human.

What state?

We are spiritual beings with a human experience and not human with a spirituality. When I connected with that part of us, I began to be with myself in life, I discovered a wonderful state, a very subtle energy, far from that many distractions that annul us. I’ll tell you one thing.


I’ve been about to die several times, but if they told me now that I’m going to die, I’d go in peace, and that didn’t happen to me before.


We fear death because we have not lived, we have lived in the world, but living with all our abilities and fine-tuning our 15 senses is something else, a feeling of joy.

But where did he get it from?

The first thing is to eliminate the toxins from your life because they prevent that spiritual connection, it’s like wanting to see the sun and not raise the blind. When I eliminated all those contaminants I began to have greater lucidity, to recover the true states of the human being.


We are so out of tune that even if we want to connect, no matter how much meditation we do, the toxins interfere with our spiritual capacity.

It is not common for a scientist to talk about spirituality.

We are energy, there is no doubt about that, and the spirit is the most subtle energy and endows us with intuition, inspiration, imagination and instinct. That is what I developed when I stopped going worldly and went to life, skills as necessary and valid as reason and analysis.

“I am huge, I contain multitudes”, said Walt Whitman.

Open a grenade, it’s full of seeds, potential trees that will in turn give a multitude of grenades. But there is hunger in the world. Life is millionaire, the world is scarce.

We are what we eat, breathe, see.

And if you don’t sharpen the sense of relationship, it atrophies: our links with others, and also with galaxies, stars. In the cities we don’t see a star, and that is impoverishing us and causing a lot of sadness, because the truth of life is there.

“We are spiritual beings with a human experience”