Vasco Brondi on 5 September at Villa Guicciarini with the show “Loud prayers” | Meadow TV

The title already promises the surprise and fascination of the encounter between what is different and seeks to dialogue. Very noisy prayers, the show that the singer-songwriter Vasco Brondi will present Monday 5 September (9pm) at Villa Guicciardini of Usella (Prato), brings together – as the subtitle states – “spiritual things and distorted guitars”.

A special show, therefore, also because the proceeds will be used to support the creation of Borgo Tuttoèvita, the ancient village that the Reconstructors are recovering, stone by stone, in the municipality of Cantagallo where there will be special spaces for hospitality and end-of-life spirituality.

“It is an earthly and otherworldly spectacle, an investigation into the false bottom of a materialistic world. A short circuit between sacred music: candomblé and raga, madrigals and mantras, Bach and Gregorian chants ”, announces the artist, committed to his experience“ to share the unshareable ”. It is an adaptation of the show A spiritual thing, which has so excited in the only three reruns made to date.

The show is promoted as part of the Economy and Spirituality Festival with the Municipality of Cantagallo, in collaboration with the September Festival Prato is a show. The songs of Vasco Brondi, and his continuous search for peace, will be accompanied by the voices and words of writers, poets and philosophers who have intertwined artistic research with the mystical one from Thoureau to Chandra Candiani, from Franco Battiato to Carrére, from Simone Weill in Tagore, from Rumi to Santa Teresa, from Mariangela Gualtieri to the CCCP.

“Vasco Brondi, a singer-songwriter known to the general public, has decided to offer a show for the Borgo TuttoèVita project, and therefore to share this dream with us – highlights father Guidalberto Bormolini dei Ricostruttori – Spiritual research is the heart of his artistic production, and for this reason it fits perfectly with what we try to achieve with the reconstruction of the village. In the evening focused on Vasco’s music and songs, there will also be space for a brief reflection on the dream we are realizing. We will be happy for your participation, your spiritual contribution of ideas and communion is precious to us. We await you!”

“It is an honor for me to accept this invitation from Father Bormolini for such an important initiative – says the singer-songwriter – I think it is particularly significant, in a historical phase in which death still occurs and often in a solitary and isolated way in the hospital, do everything possible to take care of such a precious and, we could say, sacred moment of human life. Not only from a medical point of view but also from a spiritual, intimate and human point of view. The moment in which materialism and all earthly goods show their limits more blatantly and the mystery in which we live can speak to us more clearly”.

With Vasco Brondi there will be Andrea Faccioli (guitars), Daniela Savoldi (cello), Angelo Trabace (piano), Niccolò Fornabaio (drums).
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Vasco Brondi on 5 September at Villa Guicciarini with the show “Loud prayers” | Meadow TV