TV programs for tonight, Friday 10 June 2022. Three new episodes of New Amsterdam 4 on Canale 5

New Amsterdam 4

Rai 1, 9.25 pm: With the Heart – In the Name of Francis | Announcements

Entertainment. This year the appointment is renewed live from the square in front of the Upper Basilica of San Francesco d’Assisi. Carlo Conti, with the participation of Francesco Gabbani, Malika Ayane, Nek, Al Bano and Raoul Bova, leads the charity evening promoted by the Friars of the Sacred Convent of Assisi with the coordination of Father Enzo Fortunato. The solidarity intent is to help the Franciscan soup kitchens operating in Italy, Italian families in difficulty, the projects of the Franciscan missions operating on all continents and also to send all possible humanitarian aid to civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. between entertainment, culture and spirituality, will also see the participation of many witnesses of civil, medical and religious solidarity and fraternity. It will be possible to support the Con il Cuore – Nel Nome di Francesco fundraising campaign until 31 July by donating 2 euros to 45515 with a text message from a Windtre, Tim, Vodafone, Iliad, Postemobile, Coop Voce, Tiscali mobile phone; or by donating 5 or 10 euros for calls from a Tim, Vodafone, Windtre, Fadtwe and Tiscali landline and 5 euros for calls from a Twt, Convergenze, Postemobile landline.

Rai29.20 pm: NCIS

TV series. 19×16 The vigil: During a party, vultures, after having fed on a corpse, regurgitate the meal in flight. The victim turns out to be Emma Radner, who disappeared five months earlier.

Rai210.10 pm: NCIS Hawai’i

TV series. 1×17 Hacker: Federal agencies investigate the death of a sailor while maintaining a seawall. Ernie is kidnapped by the taskforce dealing with ransomware attacks.

Rai39.20 pm: The robbery of the century

Movie of 2020 by Ariel Winograd with Guillermo Francella and Diego Peretti. Plot: Inspired by a real event in Argentina, the film tells of a robbery carried out in 2006 at the Banco Rio branch in Acassuso, by a group of thieves who used toy weapons.

Channel 59.40 pm: New Amsterdam 4

TV series. 4×04 A Lasting Mark: Max and Helen intend to use the last five weeks before their departure to leave a lasting mark of their work at the New Amsterdam.

4×05 False memories: Veronica Fuentes continues with the rearrangement of the New Amsterdam and, to wink at the conservatives, starts a restyling of the atrium. Trouble ahead.

4×06 A crazy operation: Helen receives a message from her ex, discovering, shortly after, that he is seriously ill and that he will have to undergo a risky operation.

Italy19.25 pm: The cosmos on the chest of drawers

Movie of 2008 by Marcello Cesena with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo. Plot: The film unfolds in four episodes linked together by the bizarre teachings of an oriental master – Tsu ‘Nam – and his two disciples. Tsu’ Nam continually dispenses pills of improbable wisdom and usually prefers to do so in the shade of a ginko biloba, a massive and legendary leafy plant with ancestral powers. His teaching method is archaic, but simple and effective: to achieve enlightenment through the vigorous blows of a gnarled bamboo. The two disciples then become the protagonists of plausible stories, alternating in a sort of carousel on which curious specimens of the human species spin. They are once friends who extravagantly share one of their stubborn desire for paternity, who undergoes the most grotesque tests in order to achieve his unlikely goal. Then they organize the departure for the summer holidays in the company of their family members with whom, between misunderstandings and misunderstandings, they unleash unexpected situations. They are also protagonists of the life of a neighborhood, which revolves around a dilapidated suburban church and its parish priest. Finally they become an integral part of the portraits of an art gallery that exhibits works by famous artists and transmigrate from one painting to another.

Network49.20 pm: Quarto Grado – The Stories

Actuality. The program hosted by Gianluigi Nuzzi with Alessandra Viero opens the episode with the case of Giuseppe Pedrazzini, the 77-year-old found lifeless in a well near his home, on the evening of 11 May, in Toano (Reggio Emilia). The investigators are trying to understand the reason why the family members, first under investigation and then released from prison, had put his tractor and agricultural objects up for sale. At the center of the evening was also the enigma on the death of Liliana Resinovich, the woman found lifeless in a wood near her home, in Trieste, on 5 January. The investigations continue, even if the questions remain the same: murder or suicide? And now we are also wondering about another clue: where do those black bags in which the woman’s body was found come from?

There79.15 pm: Propaganda Live

Actuality. Guest of Diego Bianchi in the studio Ezio Mauro, who will talk about the complicated moment we are experiencing, the imminent administrative elections and other issues at the center of the daily debate. During the evening Valerio Aprea returns with his unpublished monologue by Mattia Torre, Andrea Pennacchi will not be missing with his live performances, while Memo Remigi will return with his amusing investigations from Testaccio to Rome. For music, the performances of Karma B and the singer-songwriter Ditonellapiaga. In the studio the regular guests: Marco Damilano, Filippo Ceccarelli, Francesca Schianchi, Constanze Reuscher, Paolo Celata. Great space, as always, also for Makkox’s satire and the Social Top Ten with the main and most curious news of the week.

Tv88.45 pm: Austria-France – Nations League

Soccer. Austria second with 3 points, France chasing the first victory after a draw (Croatia) and a defeat (Denmark). The commentary is by Maurizio Compagnoni.

Nine9.30 pm: The Best Brothers of Crozza

Entertainment. The best of Maurizio Crozza’s one man show.

The other networks…

2021.10: X-Men the origins – Wolverine – Movie

Rai49.20 pm: Kickboxer – The warrior’s revenge – Movie

Iris9.15 pm: The king’s speech – Movie

Rai59.15 pm: Art Night – Documentary

RaiMovie9.10 pm: Judy – Movie

RaiPremium9.20 pm: The Fugitive – Fictions

Sky9.20 pm: Chloe – Between seduction and deception – Movie

TwentySeven9.10 pm: Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory – Movie

A521.20: Life of the Party – A mother in college – Movie

RealTime9.20 pm: This is my home – Game

Cinema349.05 pm: The wife on vacation… the lover in the city – Movie

Focus9.15 pm: Cars – The Great Factories – Documentary

TopCrime, 9.10 pm: CSI Miami – TV series

MediasetItalia29.15 pm: Split – Movie

MediasetANDxbetween8.30 pm: L’Isola dei Famosi – Extended Edition – Reality

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TV programs for tonight, Friday 10 June 2022. Three new episodes of New Amsterdam 4 on Canale 5