TV guide Friday 23 December 2022 what’s on tv tonight

There tv guide for friday 23 december 2022 dedicated to films, TV series and prime time programmes it is divided into the first part with the first 9 channels Rai, Mediaset, La7, Tv8 and NOVE. In the second part of the TV guide there are programs divided by genre between TV series, films, shows and sports to always find something suitable to watch on TV tonight. Before going into detail let’s take a quick look to understand quickly what’s on tv tonight friday 23rd december 2022. The World Cup continues tonight with the quarter-final match Holland – Argentina with to follow dancing with the Starson Channel 5 Passport to freedom, ends The Great Game on Sky, Fratelli di Crozza on Nove is back live.

TV Guide Friday 23 December 2022 Prime Evening – The first 9 channels

Rai 1
6.45pm The legacy
8:00 pm news 1
8.30pm dancing with the Stars

Rai 2
19:05 FBI 2×03
7.50pm Drusilla and the next day’s almanac
8.30pm Tg2
21:00 Tg2 Post
21:20 Blue Bloods 12×17-18 1st tv
10:55 pm My Christmas Waltz

Rai 3
7.30pm TG R
8:00 pm blobs
8.15pm New heroes
8.40pm The Horse and the Tower
8.50pm A Place in the Sun
21:25 Beyond the night
Katja’s life collapses after the death of her husband and son in a bomb attack, the slowness of the investigation makes everything more complicated.
11:15 pm Or Not Too
11:45 pm Cuttlefish bones
00:00 Night line

Channel 5
6.50pm Free fall
8:00 pm Tg5
8.35pm Strip The news
21:45 A 5 star Christmas
While Prime Minister Franco Rispoli is in Budapest on an official visit, but with his lover, his secretary tries to avoid the scandal
00:40 Tg5

Italy 1
7.30pm CSI extension 3×01
8:25 pm NCIS extension 6×16
21:20 Mom I missed the plane
A film that needs no introduction.
11.30pm Casper

Network 4
8:00 pm Love storm
8.30pm Italy tonight
9.30pm Notting Hill
Cult romantic 90s with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, a shy bookseller falls in love with a Hollywood diva
11.30pm Casper

6.45pm lingo
8:00 pm TgLa7
8.30pm Half past eight
21:15 Eden special

Tv8 (Sky 125)
7.15pm Celebrity Chef
8:20 pm 100% Italy
9.30pm The beauty and the Beast
A prince victim of a terrible spell imprisons a girl who may be able to free him from the curse
11.30pm The wish box

Nine (Sky 149)
7.30pm Cash or Trash
8.30pm Don’t forget the lyrics
21:25 Cross brothers
11pm The confession

What are the TV series tonight on TV Friday 23 December 2022

Among the TV series of Friday 23 December 2022 continues on Sky Atlantic ends The Great Game, while on Sky Serie continues Gossip Girl 2clearly the reply of Chicago PD 8 on Top Crime.

The TV Series in Clear

  • Yellow (ch. 38 dtt and Tivùsat 167 Sky ) at 21:20 Grantchester 6×05-06
  • Top crime (ch. 39 dtt and TivùSat 168 Sky) at 21:10 Chicago PD 8×09-10

The TV Series on Sky/Premium Channels

  • Sky Atlantic (ch. 110 sat and 455 dtt pay) at 21:15 Sherlock 2×03
  • Sky Series (ch. 112) at 21:15 Gossip Girl 2×05 1st tv
  • Sky Investigation (ch. 114) at 21:15 Aurora Teagarden Mysteries

The tv guide for friday 23rd december to movies tonight on tv

Between the movies tonight on tv Friday 23 December on Mediaset channels there is the thriller Next on 20 or the classic Gunny with Clint Eastwood on Iris, on La5 the Christmas comedy Un Natale stellato, on Rai channels ranging from Trauma Center to Storia di Nilde.

Free movies

20 (ch. 20 dtt and TivùSat 151 Sky) at 9.15pm Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The 4 turtles must protect the city from the villain Shredder

Rai 4 (ch. 21 dtt – 10 TivùSat) at 21:20 Assassin’s Creed
Callum Lynch sentenced to death for murder, is saved by a multinational behind which the Templars are hiding, so as to use it to make him relive the deeds of his ancestor and recover the apple of Eden.

Iris (ch. 22 dtt, 11 Tivùsat 325 Sky) at 9.10pm Back in the game
Clint Eastwood is a baseball talent scout who is about to lose his sight and gets help from his daughter

Rai Movie (ch. 24 dtt 14 TivùSat) at 21:10 Some like it hot
Historic film with Marylin Monroe, Chicago 1929 Al Capone’s men kill six gangsters two witnesses escape by disguising themselves as women

Rai Premium (ch. 25 dtt 15 TivùSat) at 21:20 I remember Anne Frank
Anne Frank and Hannah Gossler have been friends since childhood. Together they share dreams, hopes and the first heartbeats of adolescence, but the invasion of the Nazis and racial persecution separate them: Anna hides with her family in a shelter, Hannah is locked up in a concentration camp.

Sky (ch. 26 dtt 19 Tivùsat 156 Sky) at 9.10pm Valerie – Diary of a Nymphomaniac
A French girl from a good family ends up at the center of a particular story, bulimic and sexually uninhibited, her life revolves only around sex.

TwentySeven (ch. 27 dtt and Tivùsat 158 ​​Sky) at 21:05 Funny Money – How to make money without working
Laurel is a financial consultant who is tired of injustices devises a plan to take revenge.

A5 (ch.30 dtt 12 Tivùsat 159 Sky) at 21:20 The greatest gift
Jennifer is a selfish and superficial teenager, after terrible news she will discover a new face of the Christmas miracle

China 34 (ch. 34 dtt and Tivùsat 327 Sky) at 9.10pm Commissioner Lo Gatto
Commissioner Lo Gatto has been transferred to Favignana and is investigating a mysterious murder

Warner TV (ch 37 dtt and TivùSat 54) at 21:05 Eliminate Smoochy
Rainbow Randolph is fired from a children’s program replaced by Smoochy and decides to get revenge

Italy 2 (ch. 49 dtt 16 TivùSat 175 Sky) at 21:20 The Skeleton Key
Caroline moves into the house of Mr. Ben who has been paralyzed and unable to speak due to an accident.

Sky Movies

Cinema One (ch. 301) at 21:15 Tolo Tolo
Checco Zalone in a comedy written with Paolo Virzì in which he is a man who flees to Africa to escape from creditors and finds himself in the midst of war

Cinema Two (ch. 302) at 21:15 The portrait of the Duke
A taxi driver steals a precious painting from the National Gallery in London and then demands ransom from the government for something unusual.

Cinema Collection (ch. 303) at 21:15 The Grinch
Animated film about the green monster who hates Christmas

Cinema Family (ch. 304) at 21:00 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
First chapter of the saga.

Cinema Action (ch. 305) at 21:00 Jack Reacher the decisive test
Tom Cruise in an action in which he is a former officer who is looking for the instigators of a massacre of which an army sniper has been accused.

Suspense cinema (ch. 306) at 21:00 Who is without sin – The Dry
Thriller with Eric Bana, not convinced of the version of events a policeman returns to his city to investigate the suicide of a friend.

Romance cinema (ch. 307) at 21:00 Eat, pray, love
Julia Roberts is traveling between Italy, India and Indonesia between food, love and spirituality

Drama cinema (ch. 308) at 21:00 The spy
Norwegian film, the diva Sonja Wigert is hired as a spy by the Nazis

Comedy cinema (ch. 309) at 21:00 The Blues Brothers
To save the orphanage, two brothers get their band together for a concert

For all the other Films, Documentaries of the Sky channels here the TV Guide

TV guide Friday 23 December 2022 – Shows, sports and documentaries

  • real-time (ch. 31 dtt and TivùSat 160 Sky) at 21:25 Bake off Italy The Professionals – Family Affairs Final 1st TV
  • Focus (ch 35 dtt 60 Tivùsat 414 Sky) at 9.15 pm Unmovable Tower of Pisa 1st tv
  • DMAX (ch. 52 dtt, 28 TivùSat 170 Sky) at 21:25 Operation NAS
  • Mediaset Extra (ch. 55 dtt 17 Tivùsat 163 Sky) Gf Vip Live
  • Sky One (ch. 108 Sat and 455 dtt pay) at 21:15 4 Restaurants
  • Sky Art (ch. 120/400) at 21:15 One none one hundred Nino
  • Sky Documentaries (ch 122/402) at 21:15 Endless
  • Sky Nature (ch 124/404) at 21:15 The nomads of the Serengeti
  • Blaze (ch. 127) at 21:00 Toys Mania with Adam Richman
  • Comedy Central (ch. 129) at 21:00 Zelig C Lab
  • MTV (ch. 131) at 21:10 Jersey Shore Family Vacation 5×25-26 1st tv
  • Red shrimp (ch 132) at 21:00 Giorgione Christmas and Which
  • Sky Sports One 20:25 Milan – Munich (basketball)
  • Soccer sports 20:25 Live Goal Serie C

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