Turin Spirituality and the three steps into the world of Truth, Love and Beauty

from Fabrizio Divide

The festival, scheduled from 29 September to 2 October, kicks off a series of stages of approach. Among the guests there will be Maurizio Ferraris, Giuliano Boccali and Adriana Valerio

Spirituality recognize the divine light that is within us; it does not belong to any particular religion, but to every single man. Muhammad Ali, an athlete who had embodied the admirable synthesis of physical power and spiritual strength, had best expressed the principle that has animated Torino-Spirituality since 2005. Agor of comparison and reflection organized by the Circolo dei Lettere Foundation, the event announced the return in autumn, from 29 September to 2 October, after last year’s summer edition; in 4 days full of meetings and events he will look, as per tradition, on different cultures and religions and through a frank and constructive public dialogue he will allow us to explore the most remote corners of our own consciences.

As befits any good spiritual journey, the journey from now to September will be marked by stages of approach, or rather, of growth; in this sense, the appointments of Per amor di Bellezza – Aspettando Torino Spiritualit continue, a cycle of meetings organized at the Circolo dei Lettore in collaboration with the Mulino Editore, which will animate the Sala Grande of the headquarters in via Bogino on 3 Tuesdays, between April and May, again at 6.30pm.

It begins on the 19th with Maurizio Ferraris and his Agostino – Fare la verit (Il Mulino); the essay by the professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Turin is inspired by Augustine’s reflection on the meaning and usefulness of confession, especially if it is to an omniscient being. The saint and philosopher aware that God already knows everything, much better than him, but that to do truth by scrutinizing and reproaching himself, reflects, makes sense for his own conscience and is to the advantage of many witnesses, especially if in writing. This stimulating narrative pretext will make it possible to tackle problems relating to concepts that are always current, such as doubt, submission and the great beauty of truth, today with increasingly blurred boundaries, from a contemporary perspective. On May 3 Giuliano Boccali will talk about him The god with flowery arrows-Myths and legends of love in India (the Mill). The honorary president of the Italian Association of Sanskrit Studies describes the figure of a divinity as fascinating as it is powerful and insidious that the Romans and Greeks called respectively Cupid and Eros. Interpreter of the most diverse forms in which love and desire can manifest themselves, such as sexual brutality, courtship, sensuality and creation, the discussion will cross the mythology and spirituality of a complex and varied culture like that of India.

Finally, on May 17, Adriana Valerio will explore the world of prophetesses, preachers, theologians and visionaries that she described in Heretics – Women who reflect, dare, resist (il Mulino). the story of the many women who, out of passion for God and hunger for truth, have undermined the customs of their contemporaneity. Once again, whether it is human or spiritual, the beauty element of revelation that captivates or corrupts, satisfies the heart or causes it to be lost forever.

After the three steps into the world of Truth, Love and Beauty, Torino Spiritualit announces its presence at the Book Fair. Sunday 22 May at 1.30 pm (Sala Viola) Marco Revelli will talk to Miguel Benasayag, author of The return from exile – Rethinking the common good (Vita e Pensiero publisher). In the book written with the journalist Bastien Cany, the Argentine naturalized French philosopher reflects on the eruption of the pandemic that perhaps – he argues – will allow us to return to imagine new relationships of cohabitation between critical thinking and the knowledge of common sense. In short, a shareable wish; and Torino Spiritualit seems like a nice place to come back to stimulate them.

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Turin Spirituality and the three steps into the world of Truth, Love and Beauty