TPMP: Gilles Verdez announces that he will make his first Ramadan!

In TPMP, Gilles Verdez announces that he will make his first Ramadan. The columnist explained to feel more and more spiritual.

On TPMP, Cyril Hanouna continues his broadcasts despite the controversy that is mounting about him. It was an opportunity to talk about religion and spirituality in the last issue of C8. And Gilles Verdez announced that he was going to make his first Ramadan.

TPMP: A debate on spirituality

Gilles Verdez is often on TPMP. And at the start of the 2022 school year, he then confided in something very personal in his life. In fact, in the summer he married Fatou, his love for several years. They were getting married in Senegal, in the country of his beauty.

He announced there to have a new first name. ” There they call me Souleymane“. We are a long way from Gilles Verdez! This union is currently not recognized in France. ” We finalized the traditional and religious ceremony.

But the administrative side is not settled yet. It shouldn’t take long. He also invited Cyril Hanouna on the set of TPMP. ” You will be the first guestyou have accompanied us for all these years. Without you, we wouldn’t be married!“.

It must be said that the show played a role in their union. Indeed, Gilles Verdez was doing her request on the set in 2017. Fatou had said yes but we had felt the young woman’s embarrassment a little. Since then, the couple has had happy days.

In any case, on TPMP, Cyril Hanouna mentioned the subject of spirituality on the set. He made a turn to find out the relationship of his chroniclers with religion. And Gilles Verdez was doing a real ad on the TV set.

Gilles Verdez will make his first Ramadan

In Senegal, the main religion is the Muslim religion. If Gilles Verdez has not converted, he approaches the spirituality of his adopted country. On the set of TPMP he confided a little more on this subject.

For the first time, this year, the columnist will celebrate Ramadan. He explained ” I am not religious but I am spiritual. I am going to do Ramadan for the first time”. Cyril Hanouna took the opportunity to make a valve.

On the other hand, you will stink of the mouth, me when I fast one day, you have cowhide in your mouth“. The TPMP columnist then received lots of questions about it. He explained by remaining vague to be very spiritual.

I am very happy. I like people who believe. I feel like Souleymane spiritually“. For her part, his wife Fatou understands his sensitivity. ” She knows it, she does it. She asks nothing! “.

In any case, Cyril Hanouna can always count on Gilles Verdez in TPMP. This last supported him in the face of the altercation with Louis Boyard. Indeed, the latter defended his boss on the networks but also on the set.

His behavior went so far as to place him under surveillance to monitor him and check that everything was fine with him. In any case, one thing is certain, Gilles Verdez will remain on the TPMP show for a long time. On the side of his private life, everything seems to be going well!

TPMP: Gilles Verdez announces that he will make his first Ramadan!