Total change: these are the new faces that ‘Around the World in 80 Laughter’ will have

Around the world in 80 laughs is an entertainment format canal Caracol that in its past editions has brought together the best Colombian comedians to share new adventures during fun trips with famous presenters, models and even singers, such as Laura Tobón, Don Jediondo, Suso El Paspi, Melina Ramírez, Boyacoman, Greeicy Rendón, Jessica Cediel, Catalina Uribe, Syringe, Lokillo and Sara Uribe.

All of them have risked living this experience with the main objective of making viewers laugh with their witticisms and the challenge of adapting to other environments and cultures in exotic destinations that sometimes make them suffer.

With the announcement of his return, Caracol Televisión has also confirmed that there are new faces due to the departure of Laura Tobón, who was also not in the new season of the two versions of the musical contest. The voice, as well as the presenter Jessica Cediel, who is currently under the leadership of The download with his partner Carlos Calero.

The third famous person who will no longer be part of the humor program will be the singer from Cali Greeicy Rendón, who for now is focused on her new tour and on raising her son Kai, the result of her relationship with Mike Bahía.

In this sense, for now it is known that among the new faces that will be seen in this format are: the comedian Jhovanoty, chef Juan Diego Vanegas, actress Lina Tejeiro and presenters Mabel Cartagena and Shirley Gómez.

In the same way, it is necessary to highlight that one of the main objectives of Caracol TV with this type of production is to continue growing in the rating Colombia and continue to make an important difference with all its competitors, such as the RCN channel, the UNO channel, among many others.

The novel that RCN prepares and that has a luxury cast; who stars in it?

It is no secret to anyone that RCN has been doing everything possible to recover an audience that dropped several years ago because of its competition, the Caracol channel., “he put on ten” with the launch of striking productions that led him to take over the top positions in the rating national, managing to stay in this place for a long time putting his rival in trouble.

Despite that, after several failed attempts, the RCN channel was able to see the light again at the end of the tunnel with the premiere of the production inspired by the life and artistic career of the vallenato composer Leandro Díaz, starring the singer Silvestre Dangond and the actress Laura de León; However, this would not be enough to stay in the first boxes of the most watched in Colombia.

The success of RCN with this bioseries and with the retransmission of woman-fragranced coffee is at risk due to the new programs that his opponent is preparing, such as the reality The dischargewhich started its programming on November 2.

In this line, this Wednesday, November 9, RCN announced the start of recordings of its new novel called Anne of no onewhich will feature great talents from the national show business such as the ex-beauty queen Paola Turbay, who will play the role of Ana Ocampo and the actor Jorge Enrique Abello playing Horacio Valenzuela.

The production tells the story of a marriage of more than 25 years, apparently happy, that suddenly changes due to an infidelity that involves a person much younger than the person responsible. This will become a challenge for the affected person, but also an opportunity to learn more about self-love.

Total change: these are the new faces that ‘Around the World in 80 Laughter’ will have