by Antonio Soro

Natural phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, eddies of wind and water present their eddies in the form of the Torus flow: it is the primordial form of existence and the way this energy manifests itself.

Energy flows in a vortex, through a central axis, exits the other vortex and then wraps around itself to return to the starting point.

It is nature’s way of life, on all scales. It literally surrounds all forms of life, from a simple apple, through the human body, to a snowflake, from animals … everything

All frequencies are found in this geometric structure, which exists as a holographic pattern and is present in all forms, from the first cells of an organism that takes on tetrahedral and double tetrahedral forms, before the diversification of tissues, of the different physiological functions.

It is the language through which everything is created.

The cornea of ​​our eyes, snowflakes, pine cones, flower petals, diamond crystals, tree branches, a shell, the air we breathe, all forms of life as we know them, emerge from the codes geometric shapes.

These forms contain their own energetic “vibration”.

In the two-dimensional view it is known as “The flower of life”, by joining the centers of each sphere it is possible to draw all 5 “Perfect Solids” or “Plato’s Solids”: the cube, the tetrahedron, the icosahedron, the dodecahedron and the ‘octahedron.


Applications of certain frequencies by means of frequency-generating devices can increase or interfere with cellular resonance and the metabolic and electrical functions of the cell. Changes in the degree of how water is structured in a cell will affect the configurations and liquid properties of the protein crystal, cell membranes.

Healthy tissues have more structured water than unhealthy ones.

Clinicians who recognize this fact have proven that certain types of music, chords, singing, tuning forks, singing bowls, magnetic waters, certain types of frequency generators, phototherapy treatments and homeopathic preparations, can improve the structure. water in the tissues and health.

In the first video we observe the lines formed by the iron filings on a sheet of paper placed over a magnet, allowing us to observe where the electric field passes, and its intensity.

The video experiment uses iron filings and a suspended magnet.

When the filings are thrown upwards towards the magnet, the magnetic field is REVEALED, thus demonstrating the existence of these lines and their toroidal geometry.

Ferrocell is a magneto-optical device, it is based on a thin film of nanoparticles which, if subjected to a magnetic field, can interact with the propagation of light, reflecting the effects of magnetic fields.

Observation using a Ferrocell, video below, is much more detailed and appears as a hologram in 3-D space.

The result is always the same, but more amazing.

In a further experiment it can be observed in water.

The geometry of the “flower of life”, or also called “sacred geometry”, is also found in the golden section, with which the greatest works in the world were built (cathedrals, churches, temples, monasteries …) a collection of marvelous structures, geometric gardens, water systems …. or in the mandalas, the geometric works of Buddhist monks who perform and undo during this extraordinary practice.

As they did in the past, first of all, to know all this, and then put it into practice in all the incredible works of architecture that we find ourselves today … scattered all over the world …

Amazing old world architecture at its peak, mixing technology, architecture and spirituality could only be achieved by a civilization that possessed all 3 things.

Cathedrals, temples, churches … were real HEALING centers, and were designed to extract free energy from the ETHER

This unlimited energy is used by the ‘great power elites’ or ‘parasites’ for their own purposes, but hidden from the entire world society.

The Toroidal system is able to give us:

Unlimited energy, as it feeds itself.

Zero cost in extraction from the environment.

It can be transmitted anywhere, even without cables.

It can be received with a simple antenna (Electromagnetic waves).

These Cymatic gardens with the use of high / low frequencies, were cultivated with the use of sound and water, to grow food, aromatic herbs and who knows what else …

Ancient agriculture – advanced electroculture …

The hidden history of our advanced civilization that they don’t want you to know about.

To understand the present it is necessary to take a journey back into the future.