Tonight on TV on Sunday 21 August 2022, the programs on air

On Raiuno, the fiction La dama velata, with Lino Guanciale, Miriam Leone. On Rete 4, news with Controcorrente Speciale.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 21 August 2022. Up Raitreevening of travel with Kilimanjaro Summerprogram led by Camila Raznovich. On Nine the variety We did 30….with Aldo, John And Giacomo.

Tonight on TV Sunday 21 August 2022, Rai

On Raiunoat 21.25, the fiction The veiled lady. Two episodes. The first is entitled, A new beginning. Guido (Linen Pillow) returns from Bruges after obtaining funding from Baroness De Blemont (Juana Acosta) to open the silk mill. But he soon realizes that the contract, signed without saying anything to the partner Ludovico, is a trap. Following the episode, Atrocious suspicions. Clara (Miriam Leone) begins to suspect that her husband is cheating on her with Baroness De Blemont, but Guido, when asked, denies everything. As the trust of one seems to fade, Clara begins to feel more and more fragile.

On Raidueat 21.00, Athletics: European Championships. The story continues in prime time of the European Championships in Munich, which today come to an end. Among the athletics finals scheduled for tonight, men’s javelin throw, men’s 10,000 meters, 100 meters hurdles, 4 × 100 meters men’s and women’s 4 × 100 meters relay.

On Raitreat 21.20, evening of travel: Kilimanjaro Summer. Travel and environment, but also dissemination and cultural study: every Sunday evening Camila Raznovich takes us around the world with exceptional guests and films to explore, understand and have fun. Kilimanjaro is also on the air this afternoon at 18 in the edition Collection 2022.

Mediaset, Tv8, Nove programs

On Network 4at 21.20, the news with Special countercurrent. A little more than a month after the vote for the renewal of Parliament, the electoral campaign intensifies, with the leaders of all parties engaged in the streets, on the web and on television, from Read to Melonspassing through Salvini, Berlusconi, With you, Calenda And Renzi. He talks about it in tonight’s episode.

On Tv8at 9.30 pm, the talent Italia’s got talent. Another collection of the most spectacular, exciting and fun auditions of the tenth edition of the talent, the fifth produced by Sky. On the jury that year too Joe Bastianichwho did not participate in the final due to restrictions due to Covid.

On Nineat 21.25, the variety We did 30…. Let’s review the first of the two evenings broadcast last November to celebrate 30 years of the amazing career of Aldo, John And Giacomo. The trio tells each other and relives their story in the company of their friend Arturo Brachetti.

The films this evening on Sunday 21 August 2022

On Rai 4at 9.20 pm, the 2003 thriller film, by James Mangold, Identitywith John Cusack, Amanda Peet. Due to bad weather, ten people find themselves trapped in a motel. However, a killer is also hiding in the hotel, intent on killing them one after the other. Because?

On Italy 1at 21.20, the fantastic film of 2014, by Gareth Edwards, Godzillawith Elizabeth Olsen. Fifty years after a series of nuclear tests, a giant creature, Godzilla, and two other monsters that threaten humanity emerge from the bowels of the Earth. Navy Seals Officer Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) must intervene to deal with a situation of absolute emergency.

On Irisat 9.00 pm, the 1995 thriller film, by Taylor Hackford, The last eclipsewith Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kathy Bates. Selena, an established New York journalist, returns to Maine to meet her mother Dolores of hers. The woman is suspected of the murder of the elderly lady where she worked.

On The 5at 9.10 pm, the 1991 drama film, by Garry Marshall, Fear of lovingwith Michelle Pfeiffer, Al Pacino. Johnny is a former convict, divorced and with two children. One day he begins to woo Frankie, a melancholy waitress with a love disappointment behind her.

On Cine34at 9.00 pm, the 1978 comedy film, by Edouard Molinaro, The vicewith Ugo Tognazzi, Michel Serrault. A homosexual couple, the Italian Renato and the French Albin, live in Saint Tropez where for twenty years he has managed a famous transvestite club, the “Cage aux Folles“.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 21 August 2022, the films on Sky

On Sky Cinema Oneat 9.15 pm, the horror film of 2021, by Alex McAulay, The house in the swampwith Leah McHugh, Angela Sarafyan, Paul Schneider. Jessica and John leave with their teenage daughter Anna for a vacation to a home in the scenic swamps of Louisiana. But once there, the weekend takes a left turn.

On Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, the 1989 comedy film, by Danny DeVito, The war of the Roseswith Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas. After 18 years of marriage, two spouses want to divorce, but the judge suggests them a period of reflection. Thus begins a no-holds-barred domestic battle.

On Sky Cinema Familyat 21.00, the fantastic film of 2005, by Kirk Jones, Nanny Mcphee – Nanny Matildawith Emma Thompson. Seven orphans and a penniless father are overwhelmed by a whirlwind of magical adventures. All thanks to a mysterious nanny, who will be able to change their life forever.

On Sky Cinema Actionat 9.00 pm, the 2012 action film, by Christopher McQuarrie, Jack Reacher – The decisive testwith Tom Cruise, Rosamunde Pike. A former army sharpshooter is accused of killing five people. The man does not defend himself and only makes a name: Jack Reacher. He will be the one to discover the truth.

Tonight on TV on Sunday 21 August 2022, the programs on air