Thriller video games: heroines to the rescue

They relax, entertain, often excite and sometimes even engage: the videogame they are the hottest pastime of the new millennium. What if they also start to scare us? Any admirer of the thriller he knows well the subtle, cathartic pleasure of fear. Sure videogame they have the same effect as a good film of this genre; indeed even superior, since they catapult the user from the spectator’s chair directly into the role of the main character of the story. Even better if female, as in the most successful cinematographic and videogame expressions.

Disturbing secrets and supernatural dangers are the elements of the fascinating “The Chant“, In which she plays a girl who, to get rid of the after-effects of an old trauma, goes to a remote and apparently idyllic islet inhabited by a community new age dedicated to achieving inner enlightenment through meditation and spiritual exercises. You will soon realize that you are dealing with a kind of cultist sectwhich will end up unleashing the manifestation of a frightening psychedelic dimension that our heroine will have to survive by building makeshift weapons and mastering the mystical abilities conferred by some special crystals. Suspense and surprising twists embellish this videogame jewel.

A must for all fan of the original game, “Shadows of Rose“- unpublished chapter contained in the” Expansion of the Winters “of” Resident Evil Village “- gives thrills and strong emotions at will: in the role of the teenage daughter of the protagonist of the last two episodes, we will try to escape the curse represented by their psychic powers. It will therefore be necessary to explore the unreal version of a labyrinthine castle and a gloomy mansion infested with monstrosities beyond all imagination, in search of a magical stone capable of undoing the spell and thus regaining lost normality. Between puzzles to be solved and deadly fights, you will remain in suspense until the end of this engaging story.

A colorful two-dimensional style graphics manga from the depictions chibi (ie with the characters shrunk and deformed by large heads) effectively illustrates the suggestive atmospheres of “Yomawari: Lost in the Dark”, Where a little girl will be guided around a Japanese city at night in search of lost memories for break the spell that threatens to turn her into a ghost at sunrise. Equipped only with a backpack and a torch to illuminate the darkness, the intrepid child will have to escape the evil spirits that haunt the streets by all means, looking for hiding places to avoid being identified and using cunning to overcome obstacles of various kinds. The crescendo of psychological tension is perfectly calibrated.

Sardinia of mysteries and ancient rites is at the center of the very Italian “Saturnalia“, An excellent procedural adventure with a dreamlike flavor, set during the winter solstice of 1989. In a country where the feast of Saint Lucia is about to take place, the vicissitudes of various characters intertwine, starting with a girl who finds herself pregnant and must reach the father of the unborn child to tell him the news. Darkness falls and the village suddenly becomes deserted, except a killer that begins to hunt her in the maze of streets. From the evocative soundtrack inspired by Sardinian folklore to the real places and period references transplanted into location imaginary of the game, every detail gives tangible pathos to this local wonder.

Of Piermarco Rosa

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