They expose Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar: “She sold her things and emptied her accounts”

  • Anna Ferro and Fernando met in 2015; From that moment they began a torrid romance. Earlier this year, they surprised by announcing that they had married.

  • Anna was his main support during his fight against cancer; However, a close friend of the deceased driver assures that the life coach manipulated him to get married and have access to her bank accounts.

Two months after the unfortunate death of Fernando del Solar (RIP), which occurred on June 30, a friend of the Argentine came to our newsroom to unmask the driver’s widow, Anna Ferro, 44, and according to what he told us, Despite the fact that she has always been seen as a woman who unconditionally supported her husband while he was ill, in reality she took advantage of their relationship to gain fame and, supposedly, she has kept a lot of money from Fernando, because in her last years, he gave her the power of his accounts:

-Two months have passed since Fer del Solar left, how are things?
“We miss him very much; he was a person who always saw the positive in things and we miss him a lot”.

How is your widow?
“Do not even mention her to me, we are very disappointed in her; she talks a lot about spirituality, but the truth is that she is teaching copper, and even she did it before Fer left”.

-Tell us, how was your relationship?
“They met at the end of 2015 when he joined a gym and she was the pilates teacher, there they fell in love. Anna supported him during his illness (he had been fighting cancer since 2012 and later suffered from pneumonia)”.

-What happened after?
“Time later they went to live together, however, Anna was never honest with Fernando.”

-What are you talking about?
“They went to live with Anna’s youngest daughter, but she hid that she also has two grown sons, Alessandro and Mario Carlo, both 24 years old; Fer knew this, some time after they began their relationship.

Fernando del Solar died at the age of 49 on June 30, a victim of pneumonia

-What else happened?
“Before, Anna subsisted on the little she earned from her classes, but with Fer she began to see fame and money, because he promoted her and took her to the life conferences he gave.”

-She was with him out of interest?
“She knew that he could give her a good life. Fer came to have a lot of money, for example, I know that he signed a contract with TV Azteca for more than two million pesos a month; he had trust funds and major medical insurance.”

-But there came a time when Fernando no longer had so much work… what happened?
“When Fer left Televisa (June 2018) and stayed at home for a bit, where he only had one program on pay television, Anna was upset because the income dropped and began to change.”

Anna refers to him as her 'being of light'

-In what sense?
“He told Fer that they were used to certain things and that it was not possible that they no longer had them. Fer felt bad and looked for more work, even though he was not one hundred”.

-Tell us, did Fer’s illness become a problem for Anna?
“That relationship was destroyed; even, from what a friend of hers tells, I am not aware of that, Anna was supposedly unfaithful to Fer, he was already very worn out, however, she took care of him because she knew that in the end she would obtain benefits.

-Tell us more…
“About two years ago they went to live in Cuernavaca, Morelos; Anna took him away from family and friends of hers under the guise of the pandemic to handle him…she is a manipulator.”

In networks, Anna has uploaded photos of her older children

“Yes. Fer gave him many things, because he no longer had his own will. Anna signed for everything and handled her money.”

-Fer did you say something about it?
“The few of us who clung to continue seeing him, we told him that this was wrong, but he never listened to us and even told me that he preferred that she take care of everything, so that he would not have a problem.”

Do you think she has misused that money?
“I can assure you that Anna kept a lot of money from Fernando, because I know that he had a job for this year’s end and that they had already given him the advance, and Anna was going to collect and sign for him.”

In December 2015 They became friends and love arose

-At the beginning of this year it was his wedding, but if he was so bad, why did he get married?
“Yes, it was in March, in Cancun, and the truth is that that wedding was somewhat forced by Anna, who from the beginning of the pandemic wanted to be Fernando’s wife for all the law.”

-And Fernando, did you accept?
“That’s right, but I remember that when I complained to Fer for not inviting me to her wedding, she told me: ‘I had to comply with Anna, she asked me, she’s with me and I have to please her’”.

-We remember that no one went to the wedding, but it was made public…
“Well, yes, because Anna looked for the magazine Hello! to sell her exclusive, although she told Fer that the magazine was looking for her. She wants to be famous in any way she can.”

-Fer realized what Anna was doing?
“He became aware of many things over time and several times he stated that he was not convinced to continue with her, but since Anna took care of him, maybe he was grateful to her. But I can tell you that Fer left us with a bad taste in her mouth from her relationship, that he was running out of charm with Anna “.

In 2016 they became boyfriends

-When Fernando got sick this last time, how did she behave?
“Fer got very bad because he had pneumonia, caused by COVID, and Anna took him to a doctor, who was not the usual one, who gave him a treatment that had him so intoxicated, that he spent his time asleep and in pain, he came to take 25 pills in a single day, but only Anna knows how much it gave her”.

-Then what happened?
“When Fer got worse, he was alone at home, while Anna was shopping; in fact, I have evidence in case she dares to deny it. A mutual friend went to see him and called Anna to tell her that Fer was very ill and that she had to take him to the hospital, but she told him no, because according to her house he was better cared for. -It’s unbelievable!… “In the end, Fer’s friend took him to the hospital and he arrived with sixty oxygen, he spent three nights there and died. Anna returned to the role of her selfless wife, asked for a moment alone with him and left saying that they were going to cremate him; those of us who were there told him that Fer deserved a dignified farewell”.

In March 2022 they get married

“Have you talked to Anna again?”
“I called him twice, but he never answered; however, some of his neighbors told us that he has already emptied the apartment and sold everything. She is ambitious and I could say more things about her, but for now I prefer not to say them, because it is not the time”.

-And the will and the inheritance?
“Well, if there is money, she already has it, because she has the power of her accounts. The will will be opened in a few days, Anna is sure that Fer left everything to her, but as far as I remember, he never commented that he would change the will and, as far as I know, everything was for his children.

-What do you think Anna will say about all this?
“He will deny it; however, I hope that he returns what is not his,” she concluded.

Fer dies in June 2022

They expose Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar: “She sold her things and emptied her accounts”