“These people”: Minister Caroline Cayeux again targeted by a complaint for homophobic insult

Minister Caroline Cayeux is still in the crosshairs of LGBTI + associations. Several of them filed a new complaint against the member of the government for “public homophobic insult and public incitement to homophobic hatred”.

A first complaint had been filed without follow-up but LGBTI+ associations do not give up : Stop Homophobia, Mousse, Adheos and Gray Pride have filed a complaint against Minister Caroline Cayeux for “public homophobic insult and public incitement to homophobic hatred” and have become civil parties

Last July, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with local authorities was questioned about her support for the Manif pour tous in 2012 and 2013. During these violent debates, she would have described the demands for equality as ” caprice ”, of“a disrespectful and senseless opening of rights”qualifying the right to marriage and adoption for same-sex couples as a purpose ” against nature “.

A “those people” who do not pass

Almost ten years later, what about her, who is not the only member of the government composed by Elisabeth Borne to have held positions against equal rights? On the Public Senate set, Caroline Cayeux replied that she stood by her words, nevertheless claiming that she would enforce the law. She could have stopped there, but no: the minister took out the argument of “I have a gay friend”, in the worst possible way.

“I will tell you, however, that I have many friends among all these people. Frankly, it’s a bad trial that I’m being made and it upset me a lot (…). I’ve never been part of La Manif pour tous, I’ve never marched, let’s be clear.

With his ” These people “ Imbued with false politeness and real contempt, the minister unleashed the anger of many LGBTI+ people. And his apologies did not really convince:

caroline cayeux tweet excuse these people
Caroline Cayeux (Twitter)

“The words used by Caroline Cayeux, “against nature”, are very heavy in meaning”recall today the associations in a communicated.

“They also refer to the terminology of the repression of homosexuals in France. Etienne Deshoulières, lawyer for the associations, recalls that “the Pétainist law of 1942 also used the term “against nature” to qualify homosexual relations”. It is the source of some 10,000 convictions between 1945 and 1978.

Even today, this expression is used by the laws of French-speaking countries which criminalize homosexuality, because it is considered to be “against nature”. LGBT+ people experience hell there on a daily basis. »

After a dismissal of their first complaint in August for insufficiently characterized offense, the associations therefore hope that justice will look into the case.

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“These people”: Minister Caroline Cayeux again targeted by a complaint for homophobic insult