The Wonderful Modugno Show becomes a television program

On Monday 29 August, in the suggestive setting of Polignano a Mare (BA), the XI edition of Wonderful Modugno Showthe evening event dedicated to the work of the great Domenico Modugno which this year, for the first time, will also become a television program broadcast on Saturday 3 September in the late evening on RAI 1.

Wonderful Modugno Show develops like a story around Domenico Modugno’s Music and Work, crossing TIMES, SPACES and SOUNDS thanks to the involvement of important artists who perform to pay homage to the great singer-songwriter. Furthermore, for each edition of the event, a specific theme is declined, a sort of pretext that intends to link past, present and future. The one chosen for the 2022 edition is “An angel dressed as a passerby“, joint – key of the song”Marvelous“, to tell in music all those moments in which we have met in these three surreal years”angels” on our path or have we been ourselves “angelssomeone else’s.

And here is the format TV – which will last around 60 minutes – will be created by developing this theme, integrating the live evening of the event with a series of backstage interviews with artists, guests, places and emotions linked to the music of Modugno and to the most evocative and significant places in the city of Polignano a Mare.

«Polignano is proud to host this event again, which pays due tribute to our illustrious fellow citizen“, explains Mayor Vito Carrieri. “Domenico Modugno, through his talent and his lyrics, has conveyed Italian music all over the world, enhancing our land, where you can hear the sea, where our house is, hidden among the olive trees».

Wonderful Modugno Show: the event and the Domenico Modugno award

To decline the theme of the 2022 edition of the Marvelous Modugno Show, on Monday 29 August on the Polignano a Mare stage there will be Enrico Rogeri And Maria Cristina Zoppa (artistic director of Meraviglioso for ten years, correspondent for Rai Italia and Radio Tutto Italia), together with some of the main protagonists of the current national music scene.

To pay homage to Domenico Modugno there will in fact be: Malika Ayane with “God how I love you!”, Gaia with “In the blue, painted blue” in an Italian-Portuguese version, Saint John with “Rains”, Tuscany with “Old Frack” And “Lu Tambureddu” they Zen Circus with “My bitter land”.

Then there are the performances of Enrico Rogeri on the notes of “I pay tonight” And “Waning moon night” and those of The Municipal – who will also be the resident band of the entire event – ​​with “The adventure” And “Malarazza”.

During the event will also be awarded the Domenico Modugno Award – for those who have best embodied, reworked and updated the work of Domenico Modugno over the years – which this year the artistic direction of Meraviglioso Modugno and Franca Gandolfi Modugno (wife of Domenico Modugno) have decided to deliver to Giuliano Sangiorgi. The Negramaro frontman will therefore be one of the protagonists of the evening-event and will bring to the stage three extraordinary reinterpretations of “What are the clouds”, “You are a big thing” And “Marvelous”which in 2008 the band returned to the top of all charts.

The municipal administration also intends to give Giuliano Sangiorgi the honorary citizenship of Polignano a Mare, as happened in 2019 with Ermal Meta, in 2020 with Diodato and in 2021 with Brunori Sas.

Wonderful Modugno Show: the TV format

Financed and supported by the Puglia Region, the Pugliese Public Theater Consortium and the Municipality of Polignano a Mare, the Wonderful Modugno Show – TV format by Franca Gandolfi Modugno and Maria Cristina Zoppa – will be produced and created by Massimo Bonelli (iCompany), directed by Cristiano D’Alisera, texts by Annalisa Montaldo, photography by Ivan Pierri and scenographic design by Marco Calzavara. The executive production will instead be followed by Lucia Stacchiotti, with Nicola Bonelli and Massimo Ferranti in production management and Stefano Senardi in the management and coordination of institutional relations.

The Wonderful Modugno Show becomes a television program