The UC Autumn Cultural Agenda hosts a hundred activities

The Autumn Cultural Campus Agenda of the University of Cantabria (UC) hosts a hundred activities between October and December, twice as many as in other quarters, with a “demanding” schedule “designed to encourage debate on the main issues that are of interest to society.

In this way, the UC is approaching the new academic year from a return to normality, resuming face-to-face activities in its program, which offers most of its usual cycles, such as the University Film Library, the International Contemporary Theater Exhibition, Literary Encounters, Scientific Dissemination Cycles and concerts, together with other proposals of literature, heritage or research on women and gender.

From the I sign up platform, the UC cultural box office, you can access the purchase of tickets, registration, registration or participate in the activities proposed by the University Extension Classroom Area.

In collaboration with the Gerardo Diego Foundation, the Letters Classroom will host on October 7, at 7:30 p.m., in the theater of the Nautical School, the conference ‘Juan Gris, a painter surrounded by poets’, on the relationship of the painter with the Spanish-language authors of his time, especially with the three who treated and admired him the most –Vicente Huidobro, Gerardo Diego and Juan Larrea–, with the participation of researchers Gabriele Morelli and Juan Manuel Bonet.

This year, the Theater Classroom celebrates the 33rd International Contemporary Theater Exhibition, with the collaboration of the Government of Cantabria, the Santander City Council and the Menéndez Pelayo International University. From October 10 to November 18, he will present ‘Bloody Mary’, ‘Othello’, ‘Búho’ and ‘Is there anyone there?’, in addition to the conference ‘Miguel Romero Esteo, a cursed playwright’.

The Film Classroom proposes, from the University Film Library, two cycles: ‘Literary text and film work: a specular game’, which will address intertextuality (cinema-literature) and ‘Antonioni, isolation as an art form’. A total of 10 titles can be seen in the Náutica ETS show on Thursdays from October to December.

The Music Classroom offers a new course on Opera, Culture and Society around ‘Contemporary Spanish Musical Theatre’. The calls to participate in the Camerata Coral UC and the Ensemble UC instrumental group are back. And on November 18 the concert of Ana Alcaide Trio has been scheduled.

The Isabel Torres Interdisciplinary Classroom for Women’s and Gender Studies announces a new edition of the Isabel Torres Prize for Research in Women’s and Gender Studies, endowed with 2,000 euros.

The program includes the cycle ‘Women, rights and protest in the Spanish 20th century’, which will analyze the intervention of women in the practice of protest and collective action during the last century.

The 37th edition of the Theology Course is offered in the Religion Studies Classroom which, made up of the cycles ‘Christianity as culture’ and ‘Spirituality in the public sphere’, consists of 12 sessions with recognized experts; and the Science Classroom includes, as usual, the Scientific Café workshops organized by the Physics Institute of Cantabria.

The Cultural Heritage Classroom directs the Footprints project, an informative program of the territorial heritage of the region, which offers the necessary material to carry out self-guided tours through areas of special landscape or heritage interest throughout Cantabria.

The UC Autumn Cultural Agenda hosts a hundred activities