The secret garden location really exists: where it was filmed

The secret garden really exists the location of the 2020 film with Colin Firth: where it was filmed

One of the reasons for the success of the 2020 film The Secret Garden with Colin Firth is undoubtedly the location, the wonderful garden that is the backdrop to Mary’s adventures. Well, contrary to those who might think this garden really exists, it was not made in computer graphics, but was obtained by cleverly editing in post-production the shots in various very famous gardens in the United Kingdom. It is no coincidence that The Secret Garden is a 2020 film with Colin Firth, which debuted on the platform of Amazon Prime Videos and was filmed entirely in England. The film is based on the famous children’s novel written by Frances Hodgson Burnett and tells the story of Mary Lennox, a 10-year-old girl originally from India who, after the death of her parents, arrives in England with her uncle and goes to live in his country estate, where he will discover truly unimaginable secrets, including a wonderful secret garden, the heart of the book that inspired the film.

Returning to the most recent remake, the secret garden was filmed in 7 real locations located in England, the combination of which gave life to the wonderful place we admire in the 2020 film with Colin Firth. These royal gardens are: Trebah Garden, Bodnant, Woodhall, Fountains Abbey, Duncombe Park, Ilford Manor and Puzzlewood. Royal gardens are widespread in Great Britain, a legacy of the magnificence of the English crown, which has created beautiful gardens throughout the United Kingdom. The most famous is certainly that of Buckingham Palace, but also the 7 mentioned above, which form the backdrop to The Secret Garden, are much loved and known above all by the British. The 2020 film starring Colin Firth is the fourth transposition of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s novel: the first dates back to 1919 and was made in the mura version, while the other two are from 1949 and 1993. Like this one from 2020, the location is also old film, the one from 1993, was obtained from the combination of several British royal gardens. A winning formula, adapted into the Amazon Prime Video film.

The secret garden where it was set

The Secret Garden storyline is set in the immediate Second World War. The narration starts from 1947, a significant year for India, the land of origin of the protagonist. At the time the Asian state was still a British colony, but in the period between the two wars the whole of India had been shaken by the rise of the pacifist movement of Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest political and spiritual leaders ever. His work was decisive for the independence of India and 1947 is a crucial year because it is the one in which the state obtained independence from the United Kingdom, with the establishment, however, of two independent governments: that of India and that of of Pakistan.

For what is involved in the United Kingdom, that is a crucial period because it marks the readaptation to peace after the end of the Second World War which had devastated Europe. The conflict had ended two years earlier, the Old Continent was dividing itself with ever greater force into the two protagonist blocks of the Cold War and the United Kingdom was raising its head again, throwing itself into a complex era marked by decolonialism, with the English crown plan gives up its colonies and focuses on domestic politics. This is the period that is the backdrop for the 2020 film with Colin Firth made by Prime Videos.

The secret garden location really exists: where it was filmed