The Rangers rediscover and celebrate the Epiphany Octave

As announced by the Provincial Manager and Vice President Marco Sossai, the Rangers of the “Volunteers of Europe”, after a positive start to the 2023 New Year’s Eve in Caorle (VE), provided environmental protection services aimed at prevention activities and the Police of proximity during the “Panevin” for the celebrations of the Epiphany.

The sites visited in the municipal areas were many: Sernaglia della Battaglia, Fontigo, Villanova, Moriago della Battaglia, Mosnigo, Vidor, Farra di Soligo, Soligo, Col San Martino, Pieve di Soligo, Patean, Susegana, Collalto, Colfosco, Ponte Priula, Santa Lucia di Piave, Conegliano, Collalbrigo and Breda di Piave.

The checks exceeded expectations and the Rangers found no anomalies. At each site the guards were warmly welcomed and the organizers appreciated their presence.

The volunteers recalled the sense of the bonfire as an ancestral ritual of greeting the old year and welcoming the new one, an expression of wishes and new expectations for the future, nights of magic and popular beliefs. The animals were thanked for their help and rewarded with food, the children rejoiced in sharing adventurous stories.

On this occasion the Knight Grand Commander Knights of Thunderbolt of the municipal commandery of Sernaglia della Battaglia Nicola Pillonetto, together with the “Knights VdE”, proposed to all the Rangers the celebration of the days of communion and spirituality according to the dictates of the “Octave of the Epiphany”.

The event, drawn from ancient origins, refers to the eight days following the Revelation of the Lord, as a meditation on the Epiphany which prolongs the time of this festivity. It is currently celebrated assuming the aspect of mission, as a precious opportunity to dedicate time to the neediest and to others.

In addition to the voluntary institutional services of the guards, within the eight days, the Rangers gathered around a brazier fire to rediscover the sense of community. Opportunity to rediscover and renew the sense of voluntary service.

A small refreshment based on pliers and mulled wine prepared directly by the volunteers could not be missing.
For the next month, the Rangers of the “Volunteers of Europe” are planning new services and intercultural exchange activities in Spain and Denmark.

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The Rangers rediscover and celebrate the Epiphany Octave – Valdo Tv