The politically correct fool of do

From A to Z all the commonplaces (as false) of the single Western thought at the beginning of the 21st century. VI QR

Sixth “episode” of the publication on LucidaMente of our little dictionary against stupidity and madness.

Qatar. November-December 2022: finally a football World Cup outside Europe and the Americas! It is a symbol of justice, inclusion and expansion of sport.
Reality. In truth, the World Cup also took place in Asia and Africa. Rather, what sense does it make to play a World Cup in an emirate of only two and a half million inhabitants, arid, with a desert climate, without any football tradition? If this were not enough, it is a state that is only formally a constitutional monarchy (political parties are prohibited); repeatedly identified as one of the main subsidiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood; in which the courts judge according to the Islamic law of Shari’a; with a per capita wealth, all coming from oil and in the hands of a very small aristocracy, which places it at the top of the world. What’s more: the semi-enslaved labor used for manual, servant and humbler jobs is made up of poor Indian, Nepalese, Filipino, Bengali, Sinhalese and Pakistani immigrants. To quickly build the absurd stadiums where the World Cup matches will be played – most of which will be dismantled after the event – foreign workers were used in conditions of precarious wages, work and security (at the beginning of 2021 they were counted More than 6,500 workers died for the World Cup in Qatar). But to ideology “woke“Of the real social victims of discrimination, especially if the exploiters are non-whites and non-Westerners, don’t give a damn …

R.azzismo. A shame on whites, western males and their civilization, which demonstrates their inherent aggression. Non-existent among other colored populations.
Reality. Racism is not widespread only in “white cultures”. Prejudices, religious, ethnic, cultural intolerance, superiority complexes, have always been found everywhere and in the history (for those who know it) of all peoples and nations. After the Second World War, racial massacres occurred mainly in Africa (see Hutu-Tutsi). Among many African tribes, albinos are considered evil and killed.

R.eferendum. Citizens can directly express their thoughts on specific questions. A great moment, therefore, for popular participation in political choices. However, the people are too ignorant to understand very difficult issues and tend to act on emotional or wholly irrational stimuli. As in the case of the referendum on the Renzi-Boschi constitutional reform or on Justice.
Reality. They are the maximum of popular and democratic expression when they are won, like those over divorce or abortion. They are populists when they get lost, like the one on the Renzi-Boschi constitutional reform. However, they are one of the few remaining opportunities for free popular expression. Indeed, we would say that it is now, together with the elections, the only democratic opportunity. Therefore, power tends more and more to limit referendum consultations or make them fail. How? Meanwhile, continuing to prevent the propositive referendum, then making the collection of signatures to call the abrogative one very complicated, which in any case is valid only with the participation threshold of 50% + 1 of those registered on the electoral lists, which today is too high (see referendum on Justice), indeed very high, given the now low participation in the vote by those entitled to vote even in the most important electoral appointments.

R.elisons. Opium of the peoples? They cause backwardness. And, if one really needs spirituality, there are many ready-to-wearor we adapt to ourselves those that already exist, eliminating from them what we do not like and accepting and practicing only what suits us, But, how beautiful Buddhism, which is more a philosophy than a religion …
Reality. Christianity, despite all the atrocities of which its Churches (not only the Catholic one) have stained themselves, betraying the message of Jesus of Nazareth, has produced an admirable civilization, culture, anthropology, not to mention an art and an incomparable culture. Other religions, about which ignorance is widespread, are fascinating precisely because they are unknown, exotic. Maybe if you learn some intriguing aspect, and here you become a Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist and maybe even Islamic. But superimposing cultural apparatuses born in very different contexts to the Western one is a stretch that does not bring profound results: disillusionment is just around the corner. And, as he said Benedetto Croce, we Westerners «cannot but call ourselves ‘Christians’», such is the spiritual, philosophical, artistic, psychological, mostly positive influence on our civilization. If this is more humanized, more empathic than the others, it is because the preaching of Jesus of Nazareth has spread through it.

R.exilience. Crazed climate, unemployment and precariousness, economic misery, wars, lockdown? It takes resilience!
Reality. Don’t you know what a trendy, technocratic, deceptive neologism to use to say that we are screwed and, moreover, you want to appear one step ahead of everyone? Here is the right term! The old barricade terminology of resistance, struggle, opposition, no longer serves as the left have long accepted neoliberal capitalism, wild globalization, financialization of the economy. Resilience is a term that relates to metals. It indicates the metal that withstands the impact (“Resilience is a mechanical property, defined as the energy absorbed by a body as a result of elastic deformations. In engineering, it is measured as the ability of a material to resist dynamic forces, that is to impacts, up to breakage, absorbing energy with elastic and plastic deformations “), not human beings. Having entered the hypocritical and false dictionary of Newspeak, the true meaning of resilience is to adapt docilely, bear everything, then lose one’s dignity, become a passive subject of the ruling power. All meek slaves. First of all, do not call them gypsies, but Roma, Sinti or walkers. Population of noble origins and civilizations, unjustly persecuted over the centuries. Their genocide by the Nazis is comparable to that of Jews, homosexuals and Communists. Theft is a racist prejudice.
Reality. Such people certainly have their own culture and civilization, emphasized by songs and films; however, it is undeniable that over the centuries it has never wanted to integrate with the customs, norms and law of the host countries. The criminal actions carried out by the Roma are all the more detestable, as their victims are generally people of low socio-economic level. Even more hateful is the occupation of uninhabited houses or even stolen from the legitimate elderly owner or possessor, as happened in many news stories.

Rino Tripodi

(LucidaMente 3000, year XVII, n.202, October 2022)

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The politically correct fool of do-gooders. Self-Defense Manual-Handbook. Part VI