The main characteristics of each zodiac sign

It is known that, depending on the date of birth, one belongs to one zodiac sign or another. The arrival of heat is the time of Gemini, Cancer and Leo. Christmas, on the other hand, is the time of Sagittarius and Capricorn. Spring is the home of Pisces and Aries, while fall is all about Virgo and Libra. What you may not know is that your zodiac sign corresponds to the position of the Sun in the firmament at the time of your birth. In other words, your sun sign in the birth chart marks your personality and your identity. It is the most powerful indicator of who you are in intimacy, in friendshipat work and in various situations in your life.

Of course there are many other factors that influence a person’s character, such as the position of the zodiac sign, moon sign and planets in the astrological chart. Or even your own experiences, of course.

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Characteristics of Aries

Fire sign and first of the zodiacal wheel, is therefore the beginning of the astral year he has the word “initiative” written on his forehead. Be it professional, romantic, family or friendship matters. However, his leadership, confidence, and straightforward personality can scare people into thinking they can’t keep up with him. A practical and fast way to know that you are in the presence of a Aries: he can’t stay in bed for more than five minutes once he wakes up, he has to make the most of his time.

Characteristics of Taurus

This sign of terra has a natural gift for conquest, thanks to her innate sensuality. But the virtues of this sign they don’t end here: it’s the perfect sign to keep us grounded, because it’s pragmatic and with clear ideas. He is the person who can give the most stability, because he will rarely change his mind. However, he should stop being materialistic and focus on the little pleasures in life.

Features of Gemini

Very sociable and overly curious, not exactly reliable when it comes to establishing a serious relationship, given their difficulty in committing. They are an air sign and, as the name suggests, two very different souls coexist in them: this leads them to constantly change their minds. Without a doubt, this is one of the most striking personality characteristics of the gods Twins. They are also a bit self-righteous and mysterious in some situations. It is no coincidence that they are the best politicians, orators and salesmen around. Geminis are always on everyone’s lips, even if they usually avoid revealing their true feelings.

Characteristics of Cancer

The most sensitive of the Horoscopethis is the main feature of the sign of Cancer. The word drama was born with him and he is capable of generating feature films in his own head even starting from a minimal detail. This happens because he tends to be insecure and trusts others too much. This is due to her extraordinary empathy and listening that he is capable of. At the other extreme, when feeling threatened or vulnerable, Cancer, with its aquatic nature, hides under its shell and brings out the worst in itself: a terrible character that can be very unpleasant at times.

Characteristics of Leo

Andbe of Lion it means often shining in your own light, extreme loyalty to others and a wonderful ability to make the people around you feel good. But all that glitters is not gold because, being ruled by the Sun, it is a very self-centered sign, which makes it sometimes selfish and not very empathetic on many occasions. So, be careful not to contradict him: he quickly gets into a bad mood when things don’t go as planned.

Characteristics of the Virgin

The goal of everyone’s life Virginan earth sign, is to find perfection and purity in everything that surrounds it. This is why she is often very tidy, bordering on obsessive. His positive side lies in the availability and generosity he shows to others. However, he needs to work on self-acceptance and stop constantly analyzing everything that happens, and then criticizing it. We can call her the queen ofoverthinking.

Characteristics of Libra

There is nothing there Weight scale you love less than the imbalance, both emotional and relational. The reason lies in the fact that he doubts everything, constantly, like any air sign. Not of herself, but of the decisions she makes. For this reason, she often avoids any kind of commitment, even if once she gives up, she gives it her all. Not by chance is the most romantic sign of the zodiacwhich also leads him to believe that he is the protagonist of his own drama in any situation.

Scorpio characteristics

The personality of Scorpio it has positive and negative sides, to the same extent. On the one hand, he is sensitive, very sympathetic, constantly fighting for what he thinks is right. But before we get there, we find ourselves in front of a shell of fire, an impenetrable shield that uses more than it should, in order not to be injured.

Characteristics of Sagittarius

All the actions of a Sagittariusa fire sign, are aimed at transforming experiences into learning. However, this restlessness and overconfidence in others, important personality traits of Sagittarius, can play tricks on you. For example, he can easily become obsessed with something. It’s not about stubbornness, but about repeating an idea in your head over and over again and trying to have everything under control. This happens in all areas of his life: from love, to work, to a trip or a dinner.

Characteristics of Capricorn

If the Capricorn has an absolutely unique personality trait is certainly the one linked to his ambition. Because of this, it is very easy for him to lose perspective, even though he is an earth sign. He is a very stubborn person, who always wants to be right and doesn’t accept the opinions of others. This propensity, if left unchecked, can backfire on him, making him a bit domineering and aggressive. Among the positive aspects, which are many, there is the fact that he always knows what he wants and puts family and well-being before everything. Besides, his patience is unlimited.

Features of Aquarius

The most remarkable thing about the personality of theAquarius is that he never, ever gives up fighting for his freedom. It is a free and responsible soul to initiate great changes in the world, as demonstrated by the various Aquarius figures emblematic of history. However, this way of acting and wanting to be rebellious leads him to neglect on many occasions those who give him unconditional love and support. In other words: he’s the kind of guy who can disappear for months.

Characteristics of Pisces

THE Fish they have two very strong personality traits: a taste for drama and imagination. In the first case, they are really fantastic: they don’t reach the level of Cancers, but they are able to invent their own film and live in it, even knowing that it is the furthest thing from reality. This is very related to the fact that they are always in the clouds and big dreamers. Hence the second case, i.e. the imagination, supported by a great spirituality. For this reason they are also empathetic and compassionate, even if it can often play against them, leading them not to see the toxicity of some relationships in time.

The main characteristics of each zodiac sign