The jury of ‘La descarga’ that does not consume alcohol; who is he and why doesn’t he?

Last weekend, the mentors of The dischargethe new Caracol Televisión program that has unleashed all kinds of reactions among viewers through social networks, were guests in the space of The Suso’s Show making some revelations about his life that surprised more than one.

The first thing they did was share their opinion about what this new experience in their life has been like and They all agreed that their work is not easy at all because contestants arrive at the ‘reality’ show who, in addition to having a career as artists, have already excelled in other contests such as ‘My name is’, ‘On another level’ and ‘The voice’.

“There is a lot of talent that this country has and we have a task, well, very unpleasant, but they are the rules of the game, which is to make a cut from ninety-something participants to forty-four. That cut is very hard for a colleague and telling people who sing a lot: ‘Hey, this time it wasn’t’ is very difficult. Now comes the good part, which is the enjoyment of people with spectacular talent”, explained Santiago Cruz.

On the other hand, they mentioned if they had already worked together in the past or if they had some projects planned in the future. In the middle of the conversation, the comedian Dany Alejandro Hoyos, who gives life to Suso, took the opportunity to find out how much they know each other by performing a dynamic that consisted of making two statements from each one with the aim of trying to guess what was true and what was false.

In the midst of this strategy that the popular comedian planned to expose some secrets of Maía, Marbelle, Gusi and Santiago Cruz, details were known such as that the interpreter of Guard down He is a faithful fan of Guns and Roses, or that the artist from Barranquilla had 40 centimeters of intestine removed.

In addition, it came to light that Gusi does not consume liquor, although he clarified that he does usually go out with his friends to toast and share moments of celebration and joy. “It is a pod that always goes with me; It embarrasses me, but when people know me well they don’t offer it to me anymore. On the other hand, I toast, celebrate, party, and I don’t have a thing for that, but I have always been in my five senses “said the singer.

‘The download’: its three stages

in the first part The contestants will have to pass a test that is a turntable, stand on the needle and say that they want to start singing to a mentor, It can be Maía, for example, and if she likes it, she must press a button to spin again and the needle reaches another mentor, and so on until it goes through the four jurors.

The next part will consist of the mentors choosing the members of their teams, which will be 11 singers, respectively. Here also comes to play the turntable and the participants will have a few minutes to demonstrate their talent; the mentor who first pushes the button gets to keep the artist.

Then comes the next stage where the coexistence between the singers and the talent of the mentors with their participants comes into play, since they must choose one to sing a duet and be qualified by the other juries. On Friday all the mentors must sing with the participants who did it best and the public is in charge of choosing the winner by downloading the song they liked the most.

One of the things that this program will have is that the song that the viewers choose as The best one will take 10 million pesos and 5 million will also be raffled randomly among the people who voted.

The jury of ‘La descarga’ that does not consume alcohol; who is he and why doesn’t he?