“The hole in the fence”: Joaquín del Paso’s film reaches national theaters

In an age of political correctness, for the director Joaquin del Paso it is important to talk about the problem from the root: the values ​​that adults transmit to children, not only parents, but teachers and people who are in charge of their education. This is what he wanted to show in the film “The hole in the fence” which opens this Thursday on national billboards.

“Children are good from birth by nature and the person who accompanies them in their growth shapes their way of being, they are the ones who allow certain behaviors to exist and I was very interested in analyzing this moment of transition of childhood and adolescence to be able to focus on that turning point in the life of a young person”, commented the filmmaker.

The film shows a teenage camp, some of them bully in front of the elders without anything happening, they are even the ones who instill fear in them, sting their pride or put them in existential conflicts, hiding behind religion.

The idea to develop this story arose from the experiences that the director lived during his childhood and felt the need to capture them, because he believes that little is said about these issues: “It has to do with certain things that I did not perceive at the time and what else later in my adult life I realized that there was something much darker and deeper behind these points, “he said.

It is played by young Lucciano Kurti, Valeria Lamm Y Jose Manuel Vazquezwho in fact pointed out that before participating in the feature film he had aggressive attitudes that he had not identified as such, and without defending children who commit bullying, he emphasized that they only follow the example of what they see at home.

Although the classification of the film is B15, he hopes that adolescents and parents see and comment on what is presented, because it is a harsh reality of what is lived in the country. However, Del Paso pointed out that it is also aimed at lovers of terror and suspense because it has scenes that will provoke strong emotions. In addition, the music was made by the team that works on the series of “Stranger Things” and they hope to release the soundtrack on digital platforms in the coming days.

Producer Fernanda de la Peza pointed out that it was not an easy film to shoot, since they had 35 children together in front of cameras, so they had to make an alternate camp to be able to be aware of all the participants for seven weeks. She knows that making people aware of the problem is difficult, but she hopes that they will at least begin to talk about that double standard with which Mexicans live.

“It is difficult for a film to change things, but I do think it is important to put the issue on the table and share it from a personal perspective, which at the same time touches many people and then yes, there is some reflection that eventually changes attitudes. and behaviors,” he said.

  • The film was shot before the pandemic, so during the quarantine they were able to produce it calmly.
  • The production company believes that the horror genre will cause a certain interest in the public to learn about the story.
  • For the director, it is important to create a synergy between what is seen on television and in the cinema, which is why he sought out the Stranger Things team for the music.
  • The filmmaker considers that there is a lack of spirituality in Mexican society.
  • June 9 opens on national billboard.
  • 35 children participate in this tape.


“The hole in the fence”: Joaquín del Paso’s film reaches national theaters