The electoral program of Sara Cunial’s Vita list for the 2022 general elections

at political elections 2022 the Vita list is also presented which is described by the founders themselves as a “new open and inclusive political and social community”.

Life also calls itself one

social and political community of conscious, aware and coherent human beings who have decided to stop delegating decisions affecting their LIFE and have chosen to make their own best talents available to the national community.

MP Sara Cunial is the head of the political force. And together with David Barillari regional councilor in Lazio, Paolo Sensini of No Fear Day, Luca Teodori of 3V, Edward Polacco of Sentinels of the Constitution-I’m with the Polish Lawyer e Maurizio Martucci of the Italian Alliance Stop 5G gave birth to this list.

List that occurs in autonomously, not in alliance with anyone. Let’s see the main aspects of the Life program.

Political elections 2022, Vita is born: “All united up to Parliament to take back what belongs to us”

On the official website of Vita it reads an appeal by Sara Cunial:

from the permanent mobilization and protests in the squares of Italy, now all united up to the Parliament to take back what belongs to us. We are uniting spontaneous movements, associations, committees and acronyms born for challenge the Conte and Draghi governments with the complicity of all parties and the fake oppositions

I’m 10 main programmatic points of the Life List program. Let’s see them.

”The VITA program, our opportunity for national recovery, from which a new world with respect for the inalienable right of all expressions and manifestations of LIFE, with the restoration of all natural and constitutional freedoms”.

Political elections 2022, the electoral program of Vita: Vita, Constitutional freedoms and restoration of national sovereignty

As for the first Life point, the Life list schedule provides “the abrogation of every norm issued in violation of human rights and in contrast with the original and spiritual principles of life, yes to life as an inalienable right in all its expressions and manifestations”.

Chapter constitutional freedoms:

abolition of all health and therapeutic blackmail such as compulsory vaccination for every age group and for all professional and social categories, a stop to social engineering, surveillance and control systems, as well as social rewards and credit, respect and guarantee of all natural and constitutional rights, freedom of movement and movement of the person without emergency restriction and right and safeguard of private, inviolable property.

For what it concerns the restoration of national sovereignty: stop speculation by international finance on Italy and its economy, stop TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Treaty) and international treaties of free trade and declassification of agreements and contracts.

Other points: state-owned central bank, predominantly public banking systemwith clear separation between Commercial Banks and Investment Banks, establishment of monetary, energy and food sovereignty, safeguarding Italian production and traditional crafts.

It’s still red tape and facilitations for local businessesVAT numbers, small and medium-sized enterprises to support the real local economy. Stop the increase in prices of basic necessities and consumables (such as fuel for road transport, utilities, food, services and supplies) and reduction of the tax burden and 20% flat fee.

Political elections 2022, the electoral program of Vita: geopolitics, school, arts, science, free information and truth

Large chapter dedicated to geopolitics in the Life program:Italy peaceful and neutral nation, excluded from armed military alliances, repudiation of warexit from NATO, closure and disposal of military bases of foreign forces on the national territory, full implementation of the Treaty for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and a ban on the production of weapons on the national territory”.

It’s still

Exit from the Euro and from this European Unionabolition of State secrecy for the crimes of massacres and terrorism.

For school, arts and science: “abolition of educational programs conveyed with new digital technologies: DAD, Metaverse and robotics, stop gender, body neutral and transhuman indoctrination programs. School, University and Higher Artistic and Musical Education as a place of training and growth based on pedagogical models of freedom, non-violence and talent development.

On free information and truth: transparency on the origin of journalistic sources and funding of public and private publishing to overcome conflicts of interest.

“Abolition of gold contracts in RAIabolition of the order of journalists, stop public financing of publishing and independence of public information for a real pluralism of contents and opinions”.

Political elections 2022, the electoral program of Vita. Common goods, health, science: “Support for organic farms, no to nuclear power”

As for i Common goods here is the program and the salient points for Vita:

no to GMOs, organisms genetically modified by genetic engineering, stop the pollution of food and crops and promotion of animal welfare. Stop cutting trees and enhancement of the forest heritage and public green areas.

“Support of organic and biodynamic farms, investments in self-sufficiencyon solidarity production with a short chain and on the values ​​of peasant agricultural culture, common management of public water as a primary source of life”.

Stop vivisection, promotion and defense of the rights and welfare of all animals. No to nuclear power.

Health and science: “review of the national health system based on prevention, freedom of choice therapeutics, precautionary principle and prevention of damage”.

“Abolition of patronage systems of political appointment and evaluation of general managers of ASL and hospitals”.

“Freedom of therapeutic choice and abolition of the health passport and green pass. Stop 5G, national moratorium on technological standards that are unsafe for humanity and the environment. Minimization of electromagnetic, physical and chemical pollution and recognition of environmental diseases”.

Political elections 2022, the electoral program of Vita. Justice and security reform: “Separation of the careers of judges”

Ninth programmatic point on the Justice Reform: Vita is for the separation of the careers of Magistrates.

For the abolition of the Juvenile Courts, ban on Magistrates from holding ministerial, political and electoral positions. Reform of the CSM with election of the members not with the presentation of “current electoral lists” but by drawing lots. Obligation to conclude criminal and civil proceedings within two years for each level of judgement.

Finally theme safety understood as “valuing human beings and communities”.

Stop illegal immigration in all its forms through the self-determination of individuals and communities, for the end of any kind of extractivist neocolonialism.

Support to local communities for the shared management of local resources. Each local community decides, through the bodies in charge, for its own present and future, based on its own needs”.

“Extension of citizen participation systems and decision-making mechanisms on territorial choices as a constant comparison with elected representatives in local administrations, especially on issues such as landfills, waste-to-energy plants, incinerators and major works”.

The electoral program of Sara Cunial’s Vita list for the 2022 general elections