“The cycle of the earthly life of our brother Nioussire Kalala Omutunde has come to an end” By Le Shemsu Maât Grégoire Biyogo. | 7joursinfo.com

Grégoire Biyogo, political scientist, philosopher, Egyptologist. President of the International Committee of African Scholars and Experts (CISEA).

He passed away in peace as an immortal in the Amenti among the solar ancestors in the fields of Ialou (the domain of the blessed and Kem Ur).


1-This Mission, following the NEB of NEBOU Cheikh Anta Diop and all his successors within our UHEM MESUT (Egyptological School, Human and Social Sciences), experienced great excitement and an immense Aura in its term, who conveniently moved to the Land of his Ancestors (IMYU HAT), in Mother Africa, with his participation in the CERDOTOLA Colloquium where he was unanimously elevated as “Master of African Traditions and Sciences” , for all of his work and for his role in the production and transmission of knowledge on the ancient and scholarly Egyptian-Nubian Humanities, finally for the Restoration of Africa’s past and his contribution to the construction of the African Renaissance . A past which had been violently amputated and stripped of its essence, of its true history and of its historical, scientific, institutional, legal, political, philosophical and spiritual contribution to humanity. Led by the Barque of Râ in the Underworld, he returns in Peace (HETEP) to the Kingdom of the Justified of which the Book of Exit to Daylight speaks (RAOU NOU PERET EM HEROU), domain of OUSIRÊ (Wsjrê): “He who watches over the Great Divine Throne”…. Because after patient research and examination of a body of evidence by means of DNA tests, he found in Kamerun even the homeland of his Grandparents. he was therefore going to choose to make it his home from now on, by asking for the reinstatement of the nationality of this country of his Ancestors. a country he greatly loved and where he himself was greatly loved…

2-Historian, Egyptologist, holistic thinker of classical African humanities, eminent lecturer, he was the author of nearly thirty publications, and a large number of videos on social networks. He created several research and teaching institutions, including Africamaât, the editions and the Atelier d’Histoire Anyjart… And worked as a consultant at UNESCO. We owe him two major world conferences, one on “The Abolition of Slavery” and the other on “Mathematics”. Thus he contributed significantly to rehabilitating the history of Africa, through several fields of research (ranging from history to Egyptology, from cosmology to the history of science. From Architecture to geothermal energy And from numismatics to cosmogenesis… And from Alchemy to architecture, up to the Age of Aquarius…). Its main object has been the deconstruction of Western historiography and its so-called Western Civilizing Mission in Africa and the Caribbean, in the name of the brutalism and falsification that have been opposed to them. Thus, he demonstrated that knowledge of the spirituality and institutions of Kama/Kémèt was necessarily of a scientific nature. And that the denial of Africa’s past, the systematic Plagiarism or the grotesque deformation by Western thinkers of the heritage of Kama/Kémèt. could only be explained by virtue of the grandeur of this past, which is reflected in its geometric constructions, its sciences, its inventions…

3-In this way, he will undertake to find, archive and store an immense bibliographical and historiographical material, then first-hand hieroglyphic documents, to reconstitute the science and the complex institutions of the African classical humanities that he intended to promote with a view to the demarginalization of Africa, and its reintegration into the project of the scientific and intellectual representation of humanity and into the relations between Nations.

4-His great idea is that the lost Egyptian-Nubian Civilization, because founded on scientific rationality and on Maat, can still produce a Great Civilization in our time, hence his invitation to the researchers and intellectuals of Kama to reconquer the intellectual and scientific leadership as before at Ta Mery (idea that he supports after and with Diop, Obenga, Biyogo, Bilolo, Mbelek, Owona Nguini, Mbog Bassong and so many other thinkers committed to the new epistemological paradigm of our Uhem Mesut, all working to steal from the gods of this World the power of pensum and scientific activity…). From there, his major scientific contribution in our Uhem Mesut…

5-He goes back to the DOUAT with the NEB MAAT (Nb M3’t): The “Lord of truth and justice”. And after being completely reconciled with Mother Africa where he made a premonitory journey in several States (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin, Mali, Kamerun)… with his usual enthusiasm, his passion for Africa, its sincerity and its vocation as Hérault of the liberation of Africa through science. In the last few weeks, one would have believed that he had glimpsed the glimmers of this coming liberation, that he intended to communicate to us with his dynamism, his power of life, his ineradicable faith in this other Africa which is coming…


1-The demonstration of the Nilotic origin of writing with the Medu Netjer contrary to the specious thesis of the anteriority of the presumed Sumerian writing, which is not “stricto sensu”.

2-Numismatics and anteriority of the Kemet monetary system in history.

3-The objective data (in support of precise and testable references) of the Plagiarism of the Abrahamic Religions on Egyptian spirituality (monotheism, sacred texts of Ta Mery, Osirism, to which should be added atonism and amonism ), which never cite their original Egyptian sources (the Kemet texts).

4-It is important to reserve for him a Funeral worthy of a true prince of Sia and an Emeritus Warrior of the Liberation and Development of Kama through science, with a National, even Transnational Scope, by extending them to other Countries kamites. Because he will approach the horizons of the famous OUM NEFER (Wm nfr): “The one who is eternally good”, where praise and worship (IAOU) constantly rise.

5-Party like Neb Diop himself, by cardiac arrest, there will always be questions about this type of sudden and suspicious disappearance, especially when the versions seem contradictory…

The greatest tribute that we can pay him, being both to translate his work and to put it in the Secondary and Higher Education programs everywhere in Kama… Let us philologically re-spell his emblematic name: “Nioussèrè” ( “the cradle of knowledge” in Medu Netjer), Kalala (“He who settles the conflicts of the Community” in the languages ​​of Ethiopia and Kongo) and Omutunde (“the one who has gone far from his Ancestors and who comes back to them” in Yoruba language of Nigeria).

The impromptu departure of our Brother Omotunde shakes us to the highest degree and should be able to oblige us to remain on our guard, to remain even more vigilant than before, then to redouble our ardor in scientific work and rigor of thought. Because the work of our Uhem Mesut remains an immense scientific and intellectual challenge; That of taking up intellectual leadership and the scientific and axiological torch of our world devastated by so much injustice, inequality, violence and denial of all-out Law and the Norms of living together…

You will forever be in our hearts.

We will never forget you.

Your cherubic star will always shine powerfully among the other stars…

Standing like an Obelisk

You have entered the Barque of Ra which leads the Victors of the ordeal of the weighing of the heart (psychostasis) to the Kingdom of the Glorified.

And your work will swarm Disciples and Researchers

In the five corners of the world…

Shemsu Maat Grégoire Biyogo


“The cycle of the earthly life of our brother Nioussire Kalala Omutunde has come to an end” By Le Shemsu Maât Grégoire Biyogo. | 7joursinfo.com