The Cuphead Show, Matrix, Mickey Mouse: the story of a mouse… Films and series to watch in streaming this week

Spy Game, Mickey Mouse: A Mouse’s Story, The Cuphead Show and The Matrix.

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Like every beginning of the week, we offer you a new streaming selection made by Digital among the catalogs of netflix, Canal+, Disney+ and Prime Video, among others. Here is our anthology of new films and series to discover during the week of November 14, 2022.

This week, we recommend the series The Cuphead Show (season 3), movies In the Air, Spy Games and the trilogy Matrixas well as the documentary Mickey Mouse: The Story of a Mouse.

Matrix Trilogy (Prime Video)

A hacker named Neo discovers that reality is just a huge simulation created by the Matrix, whose goal is to enslave the human species. He will join the resistance alongside Morpheus and Trinity, and try to change the future of humanity.

A powerful and inspired action film, a gem of metaphysical writing and a deeply human adventure, Matrix knew how to anticipate our relationship to the virtual and question our relationship to reality, to society and to ourselves. A work with special effects that are still just as striking, with a crazy thematic density, but also – and quite simply – a cyberpunk quadrilogy of formidable efficiency. If the last opus (Revolutions and Resurrections) leave us a little more skeptical, Matrix remains an unbreakable classic, to see and review without moderation. From November 14 on Amazon Prime Video.

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In the Air (Canal+)

Ryan Bingham is a compulsive collector of air miles accumulated during his incessant business trips. A misanthrope, he adores this life made up of airports, hotel rooms and rental cars. But the one who flees all commitment will meet two women who will bring him back to earth.

In the Air is a smarter mix of comedy, romance and social satire than meets the eye. Directed by Jason Reitman (Juno), the film is worth seeing for its inspired staging, its sympathetic cast (George Clooney, Anna Kendrick, Jason Bateman) and its inspiring story, which will make more than one spectator think. A feel good fine and touching movie. From November 15 on Canal+ and the myCanal platform.

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The Cuphead Show – season 3 (Netflix)

Discover the adventures (and misadventures) of the impulsive Cuphead and Mugman, his easily influenced brother, in this animated series inspired by the hit video game.

If you liked the (very addictive) game released in 2017, you will definitely like this series. We find his atypical aesthetics, taken from Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies of the 1930s, and a humor tinged with second degree in the line of Spongebob. Like the original game, the series is a parade of colorful characters (and sometimes new to the show), and funny and twirling adventures. A season 3 of 11 new episodes that will liven up your evenings. From November 18 on Netflix.

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Mickey Mouse: The Story of a Mouse (Disney+)

Over the decades, the little Mickey mouse has had a wide variety of incarnations depending on the remarkable career of its creator, Walt Disney, and the societal changes that have taken place in a country of which it has become the timeless icon. A documentary that looks back at the place occupied by this emblematic character in popular culture for nearly a century.

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This documentary dedicated to the hero with the big ears plunges us into the history of the 20th century, through the journey of one of its most popular icons. The animation legend interviews and archive are impressive, and the film even includes an exclusive mouse short (Mickey in a Minute). Produced by the Walt Disney Company, the documentary is of course (too) consensual to be entirely relevant, but it’s a must-see film for fans and others. From November 18 on Disney+.

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Spy Game (Canal+)

On the day of his retirement, a CIA veteran learns that his former protege has been arrested in China and sentenced to be executed the next morning in Beijing. While the CIA plans to let it go to avoid an international scandal, he decides to act.

Unknown nugget of Tony Scott’s career (Top Gun, man on fire, true romance), Spy Game is a nervous political thriller set against the backdrop of the Cold War, which plays with points of view and temporalities to blur the tracks and captivate its viewer. The film is also the scene of a meeting between Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, both excellent, and the spiritual sequel to a classic of the genre, The Three Days of the Condor (1975). A safe bet. From November 20 on Canal+ and the myCanal platform.

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The Cuphead Show, Matrix, Mickey Mouse: the story of a mouse… Films and series to watch in streaming this week