The crisis of the West has a character of imperious necessity

Grandstand. We must achieve our transformation towards transformation by following the voices of meaning, of awakened citizen consciousness towards the narrow passage of the path of diversity and sovereignty in the era of modernity, of transhumanism, so that the transitional crisis leads us to the change necessary for the regeneration of our political, economic, social, innovation and creativity immune system towards the elevation of ourselves.

We must regain civic maturity.
Ethical, holistic governance based on fundamental values.

Crises in this sense are necessary for the evolution of the Spirit, they sharpen the brightest, they reveal the most mediocre and vulnerable individuals.

The global crisis reveals the alchemy of humanity.
It sheds light on the strengths and weaknesses of politicians but also of societies.

The soul of the modern world is confusing with apathy, softness, insipidness.
It is divided, materialistic, hateful, impoverished by submission and loss of bearings, loss of ethical and spiritual values, meaning of life, free will.

Or are the forces living in full force of the future soul?!

Where are the entrepreneurs with creative genius to carry high the colors of made in FRANCE in the dying modern world?!

French collective intelligence must regenerate to create, innovate, develop.
To think about the future of France by the political will of a governance of the spirit on the matter which owes a strategic vision of the future for the young generations.

The metaphysics of the cosmic cycle that defines our temporality in the modern world reminds us that humanity obeys cycles.
The mentality of humans, the behavior obeys these cycles.
Current events are indicators of positioning in the cycle; currently we are at the end of it…the end of a world.

Modern man is characterized by his egocentrism.
The sin of modern man is to have forgotten that he was part of a cycle and a becoming infinitely superior to him. Universal becoming imposes itself on him.

Modern man cannot tame the universe.
Descartes would say of modern men: “to make themselves masters and possessors of nature…”.

To make nature our property is very pretentious.

Europeans sought to conquer nature during the humanist period to put it at the service of man, hence its name known as the Renaissance period.

Who can be reborn again?
Only the unlimited.

In the LREM group which is renamed RENAISSANCE, what should we understand?

Macron takes himself for the divine when he is only a lackey lackey of the globalists.

He has an aspiration to the deification of man.
An aspiration to replace the divine absolute with the human absolute.

Sign of the end times.

Has he forgotten divine justice?!

From the Persians to the Greeks and Romans, the wheel of cycles leads us from the golden age through the silver, the bronze, to the iron age… the dark age, that of darkness. As you will have understood, we are in the terminal phase of this era.

The age of disorder and rejection of higher principles. In this end of cycle, the revelations will show the way to a new golden age.
We will have to overcome our thoughts that condition us “the past is exceeded”…
The idea, that today and better than yesterday, remains
our conception of progress when it is only on the material plane.

Louis XIV did not suffer from not driving a Tesla, we do not suffer from the lack of what has not yet been invented.
Progress is in fact only a creation of artificial needs which give us the illusion of happiness which only further digs the well of our desires.
Like human relationships, relationships have calmed down, but have they improved? Are we more supportive, available, friendly? Is the progress of individualism, loneliness, emotional misery an enviable progress?

Headphones in the ears, a screen in front of the eyes and we find ourselves alone in the world.

Of course, there are advantages to modernity, but has humanity gained in happiness?
Can material progress be an end in itself?

Are we not the victims of a lie of progress?

The crisis of the modern world is the culmination of the lie of progress at the same time as the awareness for humanity from where this lie leads us.
In order to be able to observe this on a global scale, the lie must be recognized by all. The false character of progress through the collective awareness of humanity will allow refoundation and regeneration, development (called progress today…)
To grow and expand economic prosperity not “increasing”…

Quality should not be replaced by quantity on the pretext of “growth”…

The primordial tradition exists, it is a common spirituality for all ancient peoples, it is absent from dogma.
The deep unity of all the traditional metaphysical doctrines, their differences are only of forms related to the fact that, each people has its singularity from where a language specific to each people;

We see a move away from spiritual language which means that the history of humanity is the history of the materialization of the world.

It is the story of the birth of humanity in matter, in the darkness of matter.
The spiritual origin of the world, the light of which a part falls into darkness, accelerates and solidifies to become matter distances us from the spiritual world and from nature.
Of our relationship to fauna and flora.

Duality is the materialization, the creation, the instrumentalization which takes us away from spirituality, it is the dissolution of the light which takes us away from the essential, from ourselves.

From metaphysics to physics from a spiritualist conception of the world to materialism;
The evolution of human mentality, from Babylonian mythology to biblical Genesis, had a supermaterial principle;
Nowadays, we talk about the bing bang, the quantum vacuum…, we are looking for a material principle in search of the universe.

Physicists talk about the matter that makes up the universe, planets, galaxies… there is indeed a materialist epistemology in our modern world. Medicine only deals with the body… with matter, the moderns think of the world from the angle of matter, everything is measurable, quantifiable, that is why mathematics has a central role in studies.

Anything that is not quantifiable escapes modern science.

A feeling, an idea are not quantifiable
Etc… outside modern society needs the quantifiable, even if it means rejecting the rest.

In the mentality of the modern world there is materialism and, worse, rationalism.
Plato considered intuition superior to reason.

Intuition is the immediate grasping of essences.

It is the higher stage of reason.

Spinoza also believed in the power of intuition which is the overcoming of reason.

Human understanding is limited.

Kant made us enter the era of rationality by limiting thoughts in relation to knowledge.

From a modern point of view, knowing by intuition means knowing without knowing why.
Only reason is considered a reliable mode of knowledge.
The etymology of the word reason is ratio…
Reason quantifies. Reason reduces the field of knowledge; it remains deaf to certain truths which are not of the order of reason.

It remains powerless when it comes to gathering, synthesizing.
Reason sees differences before seeing commonalities.
The individual future is the consequence of materialism and rationalism which cut the individual off from all forms of transcendence.

The individual deprived of all means of elevation becomes his only referent.

Modernity is the ultimate phase of spiritual estrangement, the maximization of pleasure in pure sensation by forgetting the Spirit which elevates the Individual who sees himself only as a body which must enjoy the earthly world.

Modernity is the era of forgetting to be in action so as not to have to be.

We act to be agitated because agitation puts our body in motion, it fills the body with sensations which makes the spiritual superfluous.
Eventually the dissolution of being.

The crisis of the modern world shows us all the limits and dangers of progress which does not make men happy.
We are searching for our need for meaning; the modern world has deprived humans of the meaning of life.
To survive modernity and build the new world, it will have to be fertilized with our light.

Veronique Rocchi

The crisis of the West has a character of imperious necessity