“The Colors of Creation” exhibition by Marina Ravaioli from 21 January to 5 February 2023

SARSINA (FC) – “The Colors of Creation”, personal painting exhibition by Marina Ravaioli: from Saturday 21 January to Sunday 5 February 2023 at Sala Mostre Centro Studi Plautini, Via IV Novembre, 13 in Sarsina (FC).

The exhibition, sponsored by the Municipality of Sarsina and in collaboration with the Proloco di Sarsina, can be visited from Saturday 21 January (from 10.00) to Sunday 5 February 2023 (until 16.00).
The event is free.

* INAUGURATION: SATURDAY 21 JANUARY 2023 at 16.00, with the presentation of the artist and the greetings of the authorities. Refreshments will be offered for those present.

* Saturday 28 January and Saturday 4 February, from 2.00 pm, extemporaneous painting by Marina Ravaioli.

OPENING HOURS: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10.00 – 16.00 (on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday afternoon the artist will be present to welcome visitors)

To visit the exhibition at different times, call Antonio Crociani 329 4234094 or Lucio Cangini 348 7309309 to make an appointment
For further information: www.marinaravaioli.com

“It’s always dark at first,” the Child Empress tells Bastian in the film “The Neverending Story.”
But then something extraordinary happens, a spark, an act of unconditional love… And thus the Creation begins, bringing with it Colors and Life.

“The Colors of Creation” tells of the Universe that hosts us and its wonders. It is a journey that will lead the guests of the exhibition to get lost among nebulae, galaxies, stars and planets.

But that’s not all, because it will be an opportunity to ask ourselves again the ancestral questions that have always accompanied human beings: who we are, where we come from… And in this Creation of disconcerting beauty, are we alone or is there someone else?

Born in Cesena but always lived in Forlì, Co-Founder of the Movimento Arte Spirituale and self-taught “Painter”.
He loves to explore the skies, galaxies and distant worlds in his mind’s eye. The mystery of her Cosmos fascinates her to the point of being her main source of inspiration and the privileged subject of her oil paintings. Marina’s paintings, in addition to asking questions about spiritual themes and life beyond the Earth, have the fundamental purpose of transmitting positive emotions and are painted only with a joyful and serene mood.

Numerous overlays of color and shades: the “Dipintora” technique consists of thin glazes which, layering themselves on the wooden table, give life to three-dimensional effects; sometimes, in addition to traditional oil paints, iridescent pigments and, recently, gold leaf are also used.

Since 2020, the mission of bringing Beauty to the world through the
colour, has been added that of giving well-being to those who observe the works:
for this reason each creation is activated by the painter as a channel
Reiki (Universal Energy).

Together with her painter friend and Co-founder of the Spiritual Art Movement Alice Piazza, Marina Ravaioli organized the exhibitions:
“The Invisible”: Collective Exhibition, 2018 in Ravenna
“Life beyond Life”: Collective Exhibition in Empoli, February 2019
“Multiverse – Looks without borders”: Bipersonal exhibition in Terra del Sole (FC), September 2019.

Other exhibitions:
Varnish Art Fair, March 2019 in Forlì;
“A PELLE: group exhibition of Painting and Sculpture”, October 2019 in Meldola (FC)
“BIENNIAL OF THE SEA – Sculpture, Painting, Photography Art Exhibition”, July-August 2020 in Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)
ROCCAmbolesca, August 2020 in Meldola (FC)
“Sera in Serra”, August 2021, two-person exhibition with Dennis Randi in Alfonsine (RA)
“The Night, the Life, the Mystery” first edition, October 2022,
two-person exhibition with Dennis Randi in Mezzano (RA)
“The Night, the Life, the Mystery” second edition, December 2022,
two-person exhibition with Dennis Randi in Forlì (FC) at the AVIS Donor House.

Further references and contacts of the artist:
Website: https://www.marinaravaioli.com
Email: info@marinaravaioli.com
Facebook page: @Dipintora – https://www.facebook.com/Dipintora
Instagram: @marinaravaioli –

“The Colors of Creation” exhibition by Marina Ravaioli from 21 January to 5 February 2023